[FREE EPISODE] Wild Winter in the High Country • This track nearly broke us


The Victorian High Country – home of freezing cold weather, stunning views and epic campsites – not to mention insane 4WDing! In this episode of 4WD Action, Graham, Shaun and the boys hit up the High Country’s toughest tracks in the middle of winter!

From soft snow to insane hill climbs, these tracks will not only put their 4WDs to the test, they’ll put their driver’s abilities to the test as well! Don’t be fooled into thinking the High Country is an easy going off-road adventure – these tracks bring new meaning to the word tough! From insane winch recoveries to a kilometre long hill that took them over ten hours to conquer, you’ll be blown away by how much off-road action the High Country has on offer in the middle of winter! So grab a nice warm cupper, light the fire and stay warm – because this DVD is an absolute cracker!