September 20th, Friday morning.

I met up with my friend Pat and his friend Amy in his old GU Patrol at 9am, loaded the fridge and headed off to meet up with the rest of the convoy. We met up with Kyle and his girlfriend Amber with their soft top Jeep and Bradley and Tammie, along with Denis and their new Diesel GU Patrol, 'Stormy'. Denis was meant to be coming in his old Patrol too but in the end couldn't so he traveled with Bradley and Tammie in Stormy.

We were headed up Karriong hill by 10, we had a quick short stop at the Twin Servos to top up the tanks before hitting the M1 again. We took the Newcastle Link Exit and at 11:30 we had arrived at a substation where we dropped the tire pressure before getting onto the track that follows the power lines.

Kyle in his Jeep was the first one onto the track shortly followed by Bradley in Stormy. I was the last to get on the track following Pat. We were not even 100 meters from the road and Pat had managed to get himself bogged in a big patch of stinky mud. Luckily I was right behind him with a snatch strap to get him out.

We followed the power lines in until we came to a fork in the road with a giant puddle in the middle. And Pat being Pat put his foot to the floor and powered through it, upon emerging from the other side he jumped out of his car and yelled out, exclaiming he'd seen a rectangle of yellow fly over the windscreen in the massive bow wave he had created. Surely enough his front numberplate had broke off and looking back at the pictures you can see it in the air.

After much laughter we turned right and got onto the loop.

- To Be Cont.


32° 55' 35.9832" S, 151° 33' 36.7776" E

Nice to see more pajeros

Nice to see more pajeros pulling out the bigger cars pajero for life

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