Just got back from Bridle Track on Sun, (5/5/13) awesome weekend away with my bro!! We both have 76 series, so there's plenty of competition there. Friday night we kicked the swags out on the Turon, had an awesome wheel through the Sofala region with river crossings, which nearly saw Larry76 come unstuck till he turned on both lockers & pulled himself out!! Sat morning turned into Sat arvo & was time to head out to Hill End & poke on down the Bridle Track, (after stopping in at the general store for a couple of red bulls & a box of Panadol!!!) We knew where we wanted to camp the night, so we headed straight across the river to our fav site. Took time setting camp, getting wood & spent the rest of the arvo talking fourbys & drinking a few XXXX!!! Slow cooked some lamb shanks for dinner, a few more XXXX & was time to kick the swags out again.
Sunday morning was a cracker, with fog on the river, a cool breeze in the air & the smell of bacon & eggs cooking on the open fire!! Gee we envied the next camp along, it smelt great!! There were no hang overs that morning, so after cooking up a storm for breaky & packing up, we loaded up both 76 cruizers & went for another wheel. After heading up to 'The Bluff', with not a lot to see (except for a heap of rock over the road), turned around & headed into Hill End again.
After having lunch in Hill End, was time to head of back to Sydney to our family's. It was one of those weekends where not a lot was planned, but had heaps of fun doing' it!!!!
"Gotta get out there & do it.... I'm glad I live in Landcruiser country!!!"


Great weekend, can't wait to

Great weekend, can't wait to do it again!! There is something special about that place, love the Turon:)

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