so i picked up my mq patrol in 2012 afew weeks before christmas. we fixed afew little kinks that it had and gave it a good service (maintenance was the previous owners strong point) and australia day long weekend 2013 my family and my partner and myself along with a couple of other cars went up to beachport. this was my first ever 4wd trip and especially with my mq going such a decent distance when i really didnt know how the old girl was gonna go, while it was a little thirsty it really did keep up the gu patrol 80 series landcruiser and more that were with us. the mq was basically the only vehicle that had no real dramas and it was/is pretty stock the suspension was a little on the soft side cause from what i was told by the tail end of the group i looked like a kangaroo in some spots, but still the battle scars, the sand dunes, the beaches, soft sand, hard sand for my first ever 4wding experience it has definately got me working towards some more bigger trips. although my auto hubs did play up in the end i have since put manual locking hubs on.

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