[FREE FULL EPISODE] Our Top End adventure BOGGED in the salt flats!

The last time Graham and Shaun visited Lorella Springs, they were on a mission – to forge a track through the Top End’s Harsh wilderness, right to the Gulf of Carpentaria. It was the 4WD Action DVD that almost broke them, but now they have returned with Shorty and the Dirty 30 to finish the job!

Lorella Spings is pure, Top End wilderness – the kind of stuff that Shorty and Dirty 30 love! From 100 meter long mud holes to super soft salt flats that have the boys bogged up to their sills, there’s loads of off-road action to be had. But there’s heaps more to Lorella Spings than that – with incredible camping locations, pristine swimming holes and more fish you can throw a stick at.

The sign at the entrance to the property has it right “Welcome to Paradise”