Since its beginnings almost 17 years go, 4WD Action has always had one aim – to show regular Aussies how to get out in the bush more often without having to spend more cash than they need to. In fact, that’s what made me pick the mag up all those years ago, even before I landed the dream job to end all dream jobs of writing for 4WD Action. We’ve always been about getting out there and seeing more of Australia without having to spend a million bucks. 4WDing is for everyone – it’s not an exclusive club where only those who have the latest and greatest accessories get to participate. Whether you’ve got a twenty year old wagon or you’re fortunate enough to own something newer, we all have a common bond in our love for heading bush whenever we can.

I’m proud of the fact that 4WD Action is put together for everyday Aussies who love to head bush. We don’t aim to please the bloke who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars and is more concerned about polishing his shiny bullbar than he is about getting out around a campfire. It’s gotta be that way, because that’s who we are – we use our 4WDs like they were built to be used, we’re obsessed with camping and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We put our money where our mouths are. This year I was lucky enough to head to Cape York for the 4th time, and I did it on a smaller budget than ever before. And you know what? With three mates piled in the old Cruiser, I’ve never had a better time. That’s living!

We constantly fight for a better go for our readers, whether it’s taking up battles like anti-bullbar legislation, increased camping fees across the country or the eye-watering price of some 4WD accessories. Along the way we’ve put people offside – groups who claim to campaign against track closures but seem to be little more than a paycheck for the organisers, some 4WD associations that only care about the interests of the tiny minority of 4WDers that are their members, companies that jack up prices on their products to the point where only the elite few can afford it, blokes who came on a couple of our DVD trips and now think they’re the next Malcolm Douglas.

While way too many people in the 4WD scene are only interested in themselves and their mates, you can take it to the bank that 4WD Action will always be about a better deal for all 4WDers. Just take a look at this issue, for example. In our massive diesel performance and upgrades guide we’ve asked all of our advertisers to offer a cracking deal for you. That means by buying this issue you now have access to thousands of dollars’ worth of savings for getting your diesel running the way you want it to.

4WDing isn’t about how deep your pockets are. It’s about how much you love heading bush.

Enjoy the issue.


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