It’s not often that you’ll come across a bloke so dedicated to the 4WD lifestyle as Alex Chalmers – and how could you blame him? “I used to get out there every weekend with mates in my HiLux, and the old rig did well and taught me a lot,” says Alex. “More and more however, I started to see blokes out there in short wheelbase Patrols, and after seeing what those things could do, I decided right then and there to get a shorty in my driveway,” says Alex.

It hasn’t been a build without hurdles however, but with perseverance and a ‘think outside the box’ attitude, Alex’s rig is now not only a local legend, but also immortalized in these pages as one of the best shorty Patrols we’ve ever seen (sorry Graham).

Without further ado, make some space in the shed, get comfortable and check out the rig that’s going to have you hunting down your very own shorty!

  • Cheezy Racing steel comp spec front bar w/12,000lb winch and in-cab controls
  • Cheezy Racing steel comp spec sliders
  • Cheezy Racing steel rear bar with dual tyre carriers
  • 4in Millweld stainless steel snorkel modified to clear roof rack
  • Shortened ARB premium alloy roof rack
  • Rear quarter panel chop and braced front inner guards to prevent cracking
  • 22in and 42in LED lightbars

“Overall, I’m very pleased with the barwork on the Patrol, the front bar offers great strength and angles, although I feel it could improve on the strength of the mounts themselves – nothing a welder can’t fix,” says Alex. “The Millweld snorkel had to be customised with a forward facing head to clear the roof rack, but other than that it’s all been straight forward.” [blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”It’s just as at capable in the simmo as it is in coffs”[/blockquote]

  • 6in Tough Dog heavy duty coils front and rear w/30mm coil spacers
  • 8in Tough Dog adjustable big bore shock absorbers
  • Tough Dog RTC steering dampener
  • GU Patrol steering box
  • Superior Engineering comp spec steering rod and drag link
  • Snake Racing upper and lower rear control arms
  • Superior Engineering Super Flex swaybars
  • Superior Engineering coil drop out cones and coil retainers
  • King steel wheels 15×10 -44 offset
  • Mickey Thompson MTZ – 35×12.5R15

“Being such a big lift in a shorty, tail shaft angles have always been a challenge,” says Alex. “I’ve tried high pinion rear diff centres, adjustable arms, double cardan tail shafts none of which have completely worked for me so I’m using gear box spacers which aren’t ideal but they’re doing the job for now. Busting unis is actually such a common occurrence that I keep a full spare tailshaft under the rear bar!

    • Redarc BCDC1240 40Amp DC-DC charger
    • Discover Energy 120Ah AGM and 730cca starting batteries
    • ARB Paratus seats
    • Redarc EGT, boost, intercooler in/out temp and water temp gauges
    • Piranha battery monitor
    • HEMA HN7 GPS
    • GME UHF and Bury mobile cradle and antenna
    • 78L ARB fridge and MSA drop slide w/fridge barrier
    • Outback roller drawers modified from Falcon ute for extra length
    • 150L long range fuel and 80L water tanks
    • 6mm bash plate around fuel tank
    • Full sound deadening inside and 1.6mm checker plate interior trims
    • ARB twin motor air compressor

“The sound deadening inside has made a huge difference to the overall noise in the cabin, which is great on long trips,” says Alex. “Overall I used two bulk packs of Dynamat to cover the whole interior from barn doors to firewall, which cost around $400 all up – I’ll do it to any and every 4WD I own in the future.” [blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”Tiny is currently pumping out over 190hp and 650nm of torque”[/blockquote]

  • TD42 fully rebuilt
  • Low mount ceramic coated Safari turbo manifold and GT2863 turbocharger running 25psi
  • GU Patrol airbox
  • Turbosmart Boost Tee boost controller
  • Diesel Central DC6 12mm boost compensated injector pump
  • 600mmx300mmx76mm eBay front mounted intercooler
  • 8psi electric fuel pump and twin fuel filters
  • 3in exhaust system
  • Excedy Safari Tough clutch
  • Eaton E-Lockers front and rear
  • GU Patrol diffs (full housing) front and rear, braced front w/4.3 diff gears
  • GU Patrol brakes

“I killed my original Safari turbo when I upgraded the fuel pump, which just pushed it beyond its limits so I chose the GT2863 because it’s still small enough to spool quickly and provide good response,” says Alex. “I had it retuned recently by Diesel Central in Rockhampton and Tiny is currently pumping out over 190hp and 650Nm of torque. The biggest surprise came from the universal eBay intercooler; it’s not uncommon to see a 100 degree drop in air temp between in the inlet and outlet of the intercooler – it works an absolute treat.” Alex also fitted an 8psi electric fuel pump to assist the injector pump and provide much smoother acceleration and help with fuel surge on steep angles in the long range tank.


ENGINE: TD42 – 4.2L inline six cylinder diesel with aftermarket turbo and intercooler GEARBOX: 5-speed manual and Safari Tough clutch 4WD ACTIVATION: Part time w/ manual locking hubs SUSPENSION: 6in Tough Dog coils and 8in Tough Dog shocks WHEELS: 15x10in -44 King steel wheels TYRES: 35×12.5R15 Mickey Thompson MTZ [share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”]