Shauno: Modification laws a 4WDers nightmare!

The laws that define what modifications we fit to our vehicles can often be difficult to interpret and differ depending on what state you live in. As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time driving my vehicles between all the states and territories each year and I find it ridiculous that modification laws differ in each state. Last time I checked, we are all part of the same country and have open roads between all of the states and territories. We need one set of modification laws for the country.

I believe that you should be able to engineer any tyre size you want if you can prove that your vehicle is safe on road.

I must state very clearly from the start, that I certainly believe there needs to be strict modification laws in order to make our roads safe and get dangerous vehicles off the road. However, I believe that you should be able to modify a vehicle to your requirements so long as it is deemed safe for the road and signed off by a qualified engineer. Sure, this will require you to no doubt pay a stack of money and put your vehicle through a series of tests and stringent inspections, but if you are willing to go to this effort you should be able to submit any modifications within reason for engineering. Take tyre size for example; QLD and WA have some of the strictest laws in place. I believe that you should be able to engineer any tyre size you want if you can prove that your vehicle is safe on road. This would mean you would have to go through a swerve test and brake test as a minimum and have an independent engineer signoff on all of your modifications. So, if you want to run 37s (not that I do) you should be able to run them as long as you can prove that your vehicle is safe on the road with them.

Shauno’s 79 series is heavily modified and has been engineered, but is that enough for every state and territory?

In my limited knowledge, QLD and WA seem to be the nanny states when it comes to modification laws and in particular tyre size, yet these same states seem to have some of the slackest rules when it comes to making sure that all road vehicles are safe. Except when buying or selling a vehicle, you don’t need to get your vehicle inspected for safety. What you get then is a bunch of cars on the road with bald tyres, buggered brakes that don’t steer well or stop and rust holes so big you could put your hand through them, driving on our roads. These are not safe vehicles yet too many people get away with driving these clapped out vehicles yet the transport departments only seem to target lifted 4WDs and lowered vehicles.

What is ironic (or plain stupid) is that many of these vehicles have expensive modifications that probably make them handle better lifted or lowered than they did when they were new. It’s a double standard and an unfair system. I think it’s about time that we made the modification laws the same across all of the country and allowed people to modify their vehicles as much as they want, so long as it can be proved safe by an engineer.