I’ve always loved lockers since the day I finally could afford one for the rear of my 60 Series. It took a long time to save for one and I had always been a bit apprehensive about forking out big dollars for something that is hidden in your diff house and will generally never be seen. It was the first locker I had ever owned and a complete game changer for me and something I would find hard to now live without.

These days I’ve had lockers, front and rear, for such a long time now that I forget just how handy they can be. Sure, everybody knows that they can get you so much further off-road by giving equal amounts of drive to each wheel so you can have the best traction possible. But being able to control the drive to each wheel can be used for so much more than getting further off-road, they can literally help you diagnose drivetrain issues and ultimately get you back home.

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]If it wasn’t for my locker I’d still be stuck in the Gulf![/blockquote]

I’m in Cairns at NQ Crash & 4WD Spares right now having just thrown a new axle in the 30 and I’m smiling like a chimp with a banana. You see, I’ve just driven over 1500km from a remote part of Lorella Springs in the NT to Cairns on one rear axle.


Without a rear locker I would still be up there waiting for parts. After the rear axle snapped in a tough section of track while I was towing 1.5T of trailer in places where trailers shouldn’t really be towed, I was able to confirm it was in fact my axle that snapped by putting the 30 into two wheel drive.

Of course it didn’t go anywhere, but to make sure it wasn’t a diff I switched the rear locker on and had drive. Being able to pinpoint the problem before spinning a spanner saves a lot of time and stress.

After pulling the snapped axle out, which is a 10 minute job thanks to ‘Cruiser rear floating axles I was able to crawl back to the homestead at Lorella in front wheel drive and three wheel drive in the tough bits of track.


Now I could have driven back to Cairns in front wheel drive but the backlash and vibrations in the drivetrain where too bad that I opted for rear wheel drive with the locker on, essentially giving me one wheel drive. It was a heck of a drive back to Cairns, but very rewarding to get back on your own steam.

Oh yeah, and I even caught a 75cm barra casting off the side of the road on the Savannah Way. Now bring on Cape York!

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