You’d be hard pressed to find a more reliable, tidier GU than Sasha’s TD42 GU Patrol. He has set it up solely with long range touring in mind, buying it stock as a rock and transforming it into the ultimate long range tourer. “I’ve owned many different 4WDs in the past”, writes Sasha. “They included the likes of Disco’s, a GQ ute, an F250 and an Amarok. Every build was different, and I learned so much along the way. I applied my past experiences building up 4WDs to the build-up of the GU.”

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”These are must have mods for off-the-grid touring![/blockquote]

For Sasha, there was no mucking around with this project, with 95% of the work being done by Sasha and the guys over at Perth 4X4. It only took a year to get the GU where it is today, and the end result is a simple yet very capable long range tourer, just as Sasha had intended it to be.

  • ARB Deluxe bull bar
  • Custom rock sliders
  • Rhino roof rack
  • Warn 9500lb winch
  • Lightforce 215 LED driving lights and 42in light bar
  • Outback 165L main fuel tank and 100L sub tank

Simplicity was key in Sasha’s build-up of the GU. He has kept the exterior of his GU fairly straight and simple. “I’ve kept the truck as a whole simple yet functional, as it allows for greater reliability out bush.”

When you build up a 4WD as a long-range tourer, you need to have quite a large fuel carrying capacity, as service stations can be few and far between. Sasha has got 265L of fuel capacity on-board, so he can travel remotely without the worry of running out of fuel.

“The chassis and coil towers were braced for when I’m towing and to stop any problems if the towers were to start cracking”, explains Sasha. He has taken every precaution and step to minimise the chances of anything going wrong when remote touring.

Other mods Sasha has included into the build include a steel ARB bull bar, Kaymar twin wheel carrier, a Warn winch and a solid LED lighting setup. All these mods are essential for remote touring, and Sasha has kept it simple and not added any unnecessary mods.

  • Tough Dog 3in coils front, 4in rear
  • Tough Dog foam cell shocks
  • Tough Dog steering dampener
  • 35in Maxxis Bighorns MTs
  • Steel Dynamic 15×8 rims

For Sasha, huge, complicated suspension setups and massive comp truck-style tyres were not even a consideration. He has gone with a simple, reliable and effective suspension setup the GU would benefit from most when touring. This includes Tough Dog coils all round, 3in up the front and 4in on the rear. Tough Dog foam cell shocks and steering dampener allows for a smoother drive on those long distance trips. The 15in steel Dynamic rims wrapped in 35in Maxxis Bighorn MTs provide Sasha the perfect balance between tackling those challenging low-range tracks and touring the remote Australian Outback.


“The Variety 4WD Challenge is the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of WA children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, which takes place this year beginning on Saturday, 21 May 2016, in Rudall River National Park. I’ll travel through the most isolated National Park in the world, visit Desert Queen Baths and enjoy pristine landscapes. We’ll loop back to the coast to call into Hamelin Pool, the starting point of the inaugural 1996 event before a celebration finish in Monkey Mia on Saturday, 28 May 2016. This event is another reason my GU is setup for long distance touring and remote outback travel. If I hadn’t built my GU with remote touring in mind, I may never have had the opportunity to participate in this amazing event.”

  • Coden HF
  • Outback drawer system
  • Evakool 40L fridge

Sasha certainly hasn’t skimped on the gadgets, as you can see by the photos. He even has a HF radio! And for such a long range touring 4WD, communication equipment is absolutely essential. “Everything in the truck serves a purpose”, writes Sasha. “HFs are a great way of communication for long distances where no mobile or UHF coverage can be reached.” You might be wondering; if this GU was built for long range touring, why the smaller sized fridge?

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”Simplicity really is key to ultiamate reliability”[/blockquote]

Well, Sasha’s got the answer, and if you’re tight on space when touring, this method may help you utilise more room in the back of your 4WD. “I plan out and only fill up the fridge with what I need until the next food stop, so I can utilise more space in the 4WD for other gear.” The fridge is running on a Redarc dual battery system, which Sasha says he’s found performs well and is super reliable.

  • 4.2L TD42Ti
  • 3in exhaust
  • Safari snorkel
  • Front E-locker

Sasha ultimately chose a GU as, in his words, “because you can’t beat Nissan reliability and a TD42 engine”. The engine in Sasha’s GU has barely been touched. “With the exception of a boost controller and a 3in exhaust, I’ve kept the engine stock. This is because I want to have greater reliability from the engine when touring in remote destinations, and the less things done to the engine means there is less things to go wrong. Plus, the TD42 is one of the most reliable engines straight out of the factory, so why would I want to tamper with that?”

“I added the 3in exhaust and boost controller as the extra bit of power helps when on the sand or carrying heavy loads”. Sasha has a rear LSD and a front E-locker fitted to his GU by Perth 4X4, to assist him in sticky situations out bush.


VEHICLE: 2006 TD42 Nissan GU Patrol
GEARBOX: 5-speed manual
4WD ACTIVATION: Shift-on-the-fly
SUSPENSION: Front 3in, rear 4in Tough Dog coils with Tough Dog foam cell shocks
WHEELS AND TYRES: 35in Maxxis Bighorns MTs, steel 15×8 Dynamic rims


“You’ve gotta love a big GU flexing like a sick giraffe, and one this tidy! I met Sasha a few years ago. I was out bush shooting a Disco that Sasha had owned previously. He is actually a very tall bloke, so it just puts into perspective how big his GU actually is. I’m loving his communications setup; it’s awesome to see he’s got everything at hand, especially the HF. I personally use a HF religiously, and I’m a part of the VKS 737 network.

They are a fantastic way to keep 4WDers in touch, and it’s great to see more and more people start to use them out on the tracks. I’ve been involved in the Variety 4WD challenge once or twice myself in the past, and all I can say is that it’s an amazing event put together in WA. It’s great to see Sasha getting involved in it, good luck with it mate!” – Graham


“I’d like to thank the boys over at Perth 4×4 for all their help and the countless hours they have put into my Patrol for me, cheers guys!”

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