[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”It’s the question every 4WDer who owns an old 4WD will ask themselves at some stage”[/blockquote]

If you’ve been watching the last few 4WD Action DVDs that have the Dirty 30 in them, you’ll probably notice a heck of a lot of blue smoke pouring out the back. Yep, she’s pretty much cooked! Burning way too much oil and smoking so much it’s almost an embarrassment. It was getting to the stage that so much blue smoke was pumping out of the back of the 30 that the camera guys couldn’t film me from the rear… you say that’s probably a good thing! It was time that I bit the bullet and did something with the donk of the Dirty 30, but the question I had to ask myself was should I rebuild it or should I upgrade the engine with a later model Toyota engine like a 1HDT or even a 1HDT FTE. It’s a tough one because on one hand you want more power and all of those other great things an engine conversion allows, but on the other hand the old 12HT is like my favourite pair of thongs. They might be old and not very pretty, but they are comfortable and well, I just know them.

When it came to the crunch, I really had to ask myself if I wanted to go through the hassle of a conversion or do I want to keep it simple and stick with the beast that I know inside and out. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to order an engine rebuild kit from Engine Australia for the 12HT and rebuild the old girl back to her former glory. While I was at it, Diesel Care supplied me with some new injectors and a rebuilt pump. The engine was getting a complete overhaul only using the best parts!

When Justin and the fellas from NQ Crash stripped the engine down it was very clear that the aftermarket turbo I had on the 30 was completely stuffed (the second one I’ve been through in 30,000km) so I needed to address that too! I Spoke with Tony from MTQ who is building me a custom turbo that will use ball bearing internals similar to what you’ll find on a Nissan TD42 aftermarket turbo. When I saw the rebuilt engine pictures, it was nothing short of diesel porn! It looked way too flash for the 30, but I know this little oil burner should last another 500,000km.

The only thing left to do is run the engine in… a trip up to the Cape and across the Top End should do the trick!
Catch ya next time.

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