Built before its time, this 1986 Military 110 was pieced together from four different Landys to create a dual cab 110, well before they first rolled off the factory floor. When Nick Sixt first saw this monster Defender in his mate’s shed he knew it was meant to be his. Ten years and a heck of a lot of favours later Nick finally convinced his mate to sell it to him. Something so tough and unique it will last forever as a testament to Aussie ingenuity.

There was nothing remotely like this on the road back then and with a galvanised chassis and aluminium body Nick was on the way to building his ultimate beach rig, and turning a few heads in the process. ‘I’ve owned heaps of Land Rovers but this one is something else,’ says Nick. ‘It’s not just one-of-a-kind, but what I really wanted it for was the galvanised chassis. It’ll last forever and I’ll never sell it.’

  • Terrafirma 2in Suspension lift
  • 2in body lift
  • Plans to raise it another three inches with King Springs and remote reservoir shocks
  • Heavy duty steering rod
  • Adjustable caster swivel hubs
  • Extended rear control arms
  • 35in Silverstone Xtreme tyres
  • 15×8 Range Rover steel rims
  • Fully engineered

Getting a truck with a stance like this fully engineered is well worth the reward. ‘The cops hate me but can’t touch me,’ says Nick. And he reckons the current setup is perfect for beach driving. ‘I drop tyres to 12psi and the big rig just floats over sand.’ But with plans to raise it another three inches and add remote reservoir shocks this thing will get a whole lot bigger yet.

  • 1986 Military Series III 110 single cab converted into a dual cab
  • County front end, pillars, doors and rear cab
  • Series III fire wall, windshield and roof
  • Series II tub
  • Army front bar
  • Ape 12,000lb worm drive winch
  • Three light bars: 20in four row LED, 20in dual row LED, 40in dual row LED
  • Rhino Racks alloy roof rack

Starting its life as a 1986 Military Series III single cab Nick’s Landy comes from a legendary breed of unbreakable, galvanised chassis weapons. But when the guys at Davis Performance Land Rovers got their say in the matter they saw the opportunity to make it so much more. Salvaging parts from just about every Landy they could get their hands on they chopped and welded to build something Australia hadn’t seen before.
“A supercharged 3.5L just wasn’t good enough”
It begs the question; was this the truck that inspired Land Rover to build dual cab 110s? Now days they roll of the factory floor like hotcakes.‘The guys at Davis Performance knew all the ins and outs of the different models,’ says Nick. ‘They saw how they could put it together and just got it done.’

  • Rover 4.6L V8 stroked and bored out to 5L
  • Twin snorkels
  • Rochester Quadrajet four barrel carby
  • 3in mandrel bent exhaust
  • Alloy radiator with Davis Craig twin fans
  • Four speed County gear box
  • Open diffs with Army centre diff lock
  • Front and rear diff guards
  • 3.55 diff ratios

When Nick bought the truck it had a supercharged 3.5L V8 from a Disco but that just wasn’t gonna be good enough. He quickly swapped it out for an earlier model Rover 4.6L V8 that he stroked and bored out to a 5L for good measure. ‘I didn’t want the hassle of electronics,’ says Nick. With tones of grunt and the 3.55 ratios Nick’s Defender is unstoppable. ‘I never even need to put it in low range,’ says Nick. ‘It just crawls over anything.’

“Was this the truck that inspired land rover to build dual cap 110’s?”


VEHICLE: 1986 Land Rover Series III 110 Military single cab converted into a dual cab
ENGINE: Rover 4.6L V8 stroked and bored out to a 5L
GEARBOX: County four speed gearbox
SUSPENSION: 2in Terrafirma springs and shocks
WHEELS AND TYRES: 15×8 steel wheels with Silverstone Xtreme 35s
OTHER GOOD GEAR: Galvanised chassis, 3in mandrel bent exhaust, Rochester Quadrajet four barrel carby, Ape 12,000lb worm drive winch, three light bars: 20in four row LED, 20in dual row LED, 40in dual row LED