I’ve been camping for as long as I can remember (not continuously, I do go home occasionally). It’s what we did as kids growing up in the country, we went bush – fishing, surfing, hiking, hunting and as a result, would more often than not have to stay out overnight – camping. During the years since, I’ve camped for leisure, work and necessity all over the globe and in all manner of styles. Here are the locations I’ve loved.


I actually like camping in snow if done right. In Australia it’s a rare novelty and one to be savoured. Its big fires using weathered and hardened wood that burns a treat, beanies and jackets and a winter wonderland as your surrounds. Done wrong though and you will suffer through wet boots, freezing nights and frost bitten fingers. It’s also a challenging environment for 2am toilet runs…


I’ve camped above 5000m and while it’s not for everyone and took some getting used to, I loved it. The nagging elevation headaches can be managed and the weird quirks of life up high are just part of the experience (you can’t have hot coffee because water boils below 100 degrees). The air is pure and the views are to die for. The night sky is second to none and sand flies can’t do elevation!


I grew up on southern beaches. They are wild places of rocky outcrops, monstrous oceans, tall timber and few people. You can drive for hours and not see a soul, camp within dune systems that have never had footprints and fish and surf the pristine southern waters all year round. This is where I call home and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


As odd as it may seem, I am of the opinion that Australian deserts offer the single best camping experience you can have. Firstly the landscape is otherworldly and compelling in its own right. Then add endless horizons and massive skies plus spacious sites that allow for sprawling camps. An abundance of dry, hard and seasoned wood makes for the best campfires you can have, around which sitting under a million star night just can’t be beaten.  I’ll take an outback desert campsite any night.

How about you? What’s your favourite location in which to unroll canvas, rub a few sticks together and enjoy life outdoors?