[FREE EPISODE] MIDNIGHT RUN in Cape York! We lost the track…

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Forgotten for years, re-opened by us – 50km in 4 days!

Imagine being handed the keys to a track by the traditional owners, and being told “See if you blokes can make it through!”. That’s the challenge we’re up against on this issue of 4WD Action, as we attempt to re-open the track from Coen to Stoney Creek on the Cape’s wild east coast.

The traditional owners said that they hoped we packed plenty of recovery gear because it was going to get one heck of a workout! In fact, they weren’t even sure that we’d make it to the coast at all – the track was that tough. To make things harder, Shauno’s also towing a trailer with Ray’s turbocharged 1000cc buggy, because something tells us they’re gonna need it!

If it’s the toughest Cape York adventure that you want to see, on a track that hasn’t ever been filmed, park yourself in your favourite chair and get the winch out, because things are about to get wild in true 4WD Action style!