[FREE EPISODE] Forging a new track in Lorella Springs! Remote untouched 4WD terrain

There’s remote, and then there’s where Shaun and Graham are heading on this episode of 4WD Action! They’re back at Lorella Springs in the Top End, and this time they’re creating a brand new track! Following in the footsteps of the famous explorer Ludwig Leichardt, they’re battling untouched wilderness, wild creek and river crossings and rocky expanses that have never before seen the treads of a 4WD.

With the punishment they’re putting Shorty and the Dirty 30 through, there’s no guarantee that they’re gonna make it through this one, but one thing’s for certain – they’re gonna give it a red hot go!

Epic, untouched campsites, stunning waterholes, grueling terrain and pristine Aussie wilderness – this is remote touring at its most wild!