• Stroked 302 Ford Windsor V8
  • Custom built rear tray setup
  • Twin locked on 35in Baja Claws

Have you ever dreamt about the truck you would build if you had your own shop? Ya’ know that mental, twin locked angry weapon that would eat any obstacle you pointed her at… Mechanic Joe Hall runs his own mechanical workshop in WA and after he sunk the old 4.0L V6 motor in his Lux, he looked into building the ultimate tough tourer. “I bought the Lux stock from a dealership in 2014,” explains Joe.

“Out on a 4WDing trip, I filled the radiator with mud, sunk the truck and split a bore. With the cost to get her rebuilt I looked into doing an engine conversion. I wanted to do something different to just putting an LS1 in like a lot of people do, so I got my hands on a Fairlane V8 and went from there.” The end result is a twin locked V8 monster that isn’t your run of the mill tourer. Let’s check it out!

  • Custom built tray with dogbox and lockable fridge compartment
  • Roof mounted solar panels
  • Lockable canopy for fridge
  • Rear mounted radiator and aircon condenser

When Joe originally bought the Lux, it was running a style-side tub up the back. “I damaged the rear quarter out bush one day and decided to change to a tray,” comments Joe. “I picked this tray up for 50 bucks, shortened it, strengthened it and added the dogbox.” One of the most insane features on the tray is the radiator… yep you read that right.
[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”The tray was the ultimate bang for buck mod – it only cost 50 bucks”[/blockquote]

Because the Fairlane V8 was so big, Joe has relocated the radiator and aircon condenser to the back of the truck, mounted to the dogbox. “To cool the truck, a set of twin Davies Craig thermo fans are mounted on the back of the three pass radiator, and one on the aircon condenser,” explains Joe. “The coolant gets to the motor via Davies Craig 115 alloy pump with an LCD temp, fan and pump control inside the cab.”

  • Stroked out Ford Windsor V8
  • Twin 2 ¼in straight through exhaust with high flow extractors
  • Isky Billet camshaft
  • ARB engine mounted compressor plumbed into air cleaner for waterproofing

Look, we’re not gonna tell you what sort of oil Joe runs, because to be honest, we wanted to save the word count to spend on the exciting bits. “The truck is running a 302 Ford Windsor V8 out of a 2004 Fairlane that has been stroked out to 347ci,” says Joe. “She is running an Isky billet camshaft with stock cam duration and a larger lift profile, for more torque.” What that means in non-mechanic terms is basically the length of the cam lobes.

Joe has opted for longer lift cam lobes, but is still running stock Ford cam duration – which will ultimately give him more torque over standard. “With the work we have done, the Lux is running around 540Nm of torque at 2750RPM, and about 290kW at 5500RPM. By setting up the cam this way, it means I didn’t have to run a stall converter on the motor, but I still get plenty of power through the rev range.”

A: Make sure you price around before you commit to an engine platform. More important than what motor you choose, make sure the person who is installing it knows what theyre doing with the motor internally, as there is a lot more than just bolting an engine and gearbox together and hoping for the best.

A: It’d have definitely been the gearbox. We had to somehow make it so the torque converter suited the factory hilux box, while the flex plate had to suit the ford motor. As well as that she needed a custom bellhousing to make it all fit up nicely too.

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”This monster is running around 290kw and 540nm of torque”[/blockquote]


Depending on what you use the vehicle for, will generally determine the type of camshaft that’s best. For example, to gain more torque, you would have a ‘short lift, high duration camshaft’. This means that the cam lobes are shorter, but the valve is open longer. You would typically see this style of cam in a diesel, where torque is better suited. For more power it is the opposite. A ‘long lift, short duration camshaft’ would be ideal, which means the cam lobes are longer, but the valve is open for a shorter period of time. You would see this type of performance cam in a high performance street vehicle.

  • Custom Dellows bellhousing
  • Twin ARB Air lockers
  • Custom strengthened one piece tailshaft

Obviously you can’t just bolt up a Ford V8 to a HiLux box and call it job done. In fact Joe had to do a fair bit to the driveline for the conversion to work well. “To make the V8 fit the HiLux box I added a Dellows custom bell housing to the factory box,” explains Joe. “To handle the torque from the V8, I also added a Dominator custom torque convertor and custom flex plate. On the factory V6 Lux motor, the starter motor is on the left hand side. Depending on the model of Windsor, the starter motor can be on either side of the motor.

When we first fitted it all up we initially wanted to set the starter up on the right hand side, but ended up keeping it on the left. It was a tight fit, but we managed to clear the headers and the tailshaft after a bit of work.” To handle the power output, Joe has also added a custom one piece strengthened tailshaft as the factory V6 shaft has a centre bearing configuration. “Next on the list will be a coil conversion for the rear of the truck.” If you’re like us you’re probably thinking but its IFS, why not SAS it first? “I want to do the rear setup first as she is already sitting at the height limit,” says Joe. “The front end is working well with the 35s and custom control arms. By doing it this way I can get some more flex out of the rear end, where she is still a bit stiff.”


VEHICLE: 2014 Toyota HiLux SR5
ENGINE: 302 Ford Windsor V8 stroked out to 347ci
GEARBOX: Toyota A750F automatic with custom bellhousing, torque converter and flex plate
4WD ACTIVATION: Shift-on-the-fly
SUSPENSION: Monster Rides 5in lift with custom upper and lower control arms
WHEELS AND TYRES: 315/76/R16 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws on 16×10 Allied thunder wheels

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