Joining a club from out of geographical area??

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Joining a club from out of geographical area??

Unread post by ute-opia » July 11th, 2010, 10:21 am

Hi all,

sorry if this is the wrong spot..

Atm im looking to join a 4wd club in Western Australia, as i want to try my hand in the lower levels of competition and most need you to be a member of a registered club.
My problem is that i live up north where there aren't any clubs that are involved in this great sport other than touring.... not that theres anything wrong with that as its mostly what i do anyways.
So is there an etiquette around trying to join a club from.. say down perth where most clubs are? and are clubs generally willing to take people that they will only see at events or when they travel through my areas..... (it would be great showing those southerners through the northwest).

Any comments or views would be great.


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