Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

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Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

Unread post by MudJimny01 » June 15th, 2010, 9:18 pm

Hey all,

Im thinking of taking the plunge on one of the 2.8L CRD Manual 4 door JK's.

In short, i want to know the honest opinion of owners about their reliability as i want this car for offroad performance and comfort driving to work everyday and still want to be doing it in 5-10 years time no worries.. What sort of problems are common if any and are they major? also what sort of fuel consumption does the 2.8 chew on average and has anyone broken one?

They look excellent on paper to me however im wary of making a choice as i wont touch 3L patrols, 4.2's are so hard too find in a wagon and the non turbo 4.2 100 series are so big and slow.

Any thoughts would be soooo appreciated.


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Unread post by jeeptheone » June 16th, 2010, 12:13 pm

Clutch and intercooler hose issues that I know of from owners that i wheel with. Others have gone to the auto instead.

See the Jk section on and it has lots of good and bad veiw points.

I have the petrol 4 door auto and should have got the oil burner in auto with the offroad group ( rear factory locker and sway bar diconnects).


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Unread post by Paul-JK » June 16th, 2010, 10:05 pm

I was originally also looking at Patrols and older 'Cruisers but came to same conclusions that you seem to have. Then looked at the JK and couldn't go past it. It ticked all the right boxes (not to mention that fact that I've always loved Jeeps) and it also meant I could get a new car for pretty much the same money I was looking at spending on a second hand one.

I've got the 4dr CRD Auto and think it's a great combo. I wasn't as keen on the manual when I test drove one but I was biased as I was really looking for an auto. The combination of the torquey engine with the auto box seem to work well everywhere, on and off road. It sometimes tries to hold 5th for too long on steeper hills and it would be nice to be able to lock it in 3rd sometimes rather than having to use D but that's just nit picking and wouldn't worry you at all if you were looking for a manual. All up it's a joy to drive.

Can't comment too much on long term reliability yet as I've only just clocked over 16,000km but not had any issues so far. So far so good!

The fuel consumption isn't too bad when you consider it weighs over 2T and consider that it's got the aerodynamics of a brick. Mine's slowly coming down as the km's increase. I now average just over 11l/100km but a good chunk of my driving is around Sydney. Guys who live further out of town and do less city miles do report better consumption than this.

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Unread post by Yom » June 17th, 2010, 10:05 pm

You will rarely hear of anyone who has broken/killed a VM 2.8 and before I bought I spoke to many of the diesel workshops around who deal with VM Motori diesels and they had nothing nasty to say about the engine. Its a solid performer and in the Jeeps its only let down is the electronics (american, what do you expect!) which are known to cause problems/gremlins. It seems though the Japanese are catching up to the American and Pommy tradition of gremlin filled electricals though so I really wonder if this is really a problem worthy worrying about anymore.

Like all diesels they are sensitive to heat and operating conditions. If run too cool or too hot the lifespan will suffer. They use a timing belt. For road use every 100,000km/4yr or even more can be achieved but if used hard or offroad the engine bay can get quite hot and 80,000km/2yr belt changes or even less are strongly recommended. Very much all the normal sort of thing for a motor with a timing belt.

Parts can be had surprisingly cheaply from OS and even buying here in Aus from a diesel workshop which is a VM dealer can be considerably cheaper than buying from Chrysler despite the parts being the same. If you seek ye shall find basically.

As for JK specific stuff though, I personally wouldn't get the manual. The ECU limits the motors torque output from 460NM to 400NM in order to protect the clutch which is known to be weak with no alternative replacements right now (dual mass flywheel too) and the 6spd gearbox is the same unit as in the V6 petrol and also the same as what was in the last generation TJ and this 6spd is known worldwide as a bit weak for the Wrangler. Prone to bearing/synchro problems. But then nothing is bulletproof now is it.

JK is a great vehicle with the diesel but due to the price differences both new and second hand when comparing diesel vs petrol you really do have to question whether the diesel is worth the $$ over the petrol if you don't really care about the fuel use or the driveability.

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Unread post by MALS-JK » July 21st, 2010, 7:00 pm

Iv'e got the 2.8l oil burner and i love it, no problems at all!
I have a Manual and again no probs with it or the clutch.
If your dead set on a manual get it, but if your indecisive on gearbox get the Auto its the best box for the Diesel i reckon. You get more torque in the 'auto 2.8 combination' an extra 50Nm i think, 5 Speed Auto GearBox, the ratios are better than the manual and you can have high diff ratios without affecting its on-road drivability.
Saying that im a Manual Bloke and i love driving the Stick!:)

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Re: Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

Unread post by jasonw » October 7th, 2010, 5:44 am

does anyone tow with their 2.8 wrangler? im looking for a tow veichle for my camper (1200kg empty) and just wondering how well it would go. the specs suggest it would go ok.

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Re: Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

Unread post by hulby » April 28th, 2011, 3:20 pm

I tow a 14' poptop 'van with ease with my 07 CRD auto, have done a 1/2 lap, plenty of beach towing too, Darling river run, 85k no prob's at all with the crd auto.

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Re: Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

Unread post by jacobfarley » April 28th, 2011, 4:31 pm

no problems here yet touch wood we have 2 in the family both with the 5 speed auto my mum has a 07 two door has 65000kms and my 08 four door has 25000kms both run great and lots of torque iv got 35s mtz on mine and havent felt the need to regear just yet.

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Re: Reliability curiousity of 2.8 CRD

Unread post by Vanguard Alpha » March 25th, 2013, 8:43 pm

My wife has an '08 auto diesel 4 door and the main problem I have had, and that Chrysler won't address, is that the transmission overheats on hots days on lengthy inclines... Think Toowoomba range, tambourine mountain etc. It gets hot and locks the gear in and loses power so you are limping or stuck on the side of a hill. It's embarrassing for such a new vehicle to be that handicapped. Dealers ignore it and can't replicate the problem, therefore, it's a non issue to them. If you fork out yourself, you can get a separate cooler for the transmission, but seriously, why should you have to? Other minor problem, my diff housing is rusting.

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