1992 LN111 Hilux, Crankshaft Pulley WELDED ON!!?? please Help

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1992 LN111 Hilux, Crankshaft Pulley WELDED ON!!?? please Help

Unread post by liamclark359 » March 6th, 2019, 12:30 pm

Hello guys so this is my first post because i cant find this anywhere.
So I bought my Hilux as a project 4WD a couple of months ago and decided to turbo charge it as it was absolutely gutless and the motor was rebuilt 10K ago. I couldn't get my sump off from under the car since the clearance between the IFS and sump was too small and there was also a bolt on the gearbox side that i couldn't reach. So i decided to take my engine out. After i took the radiator off i noticed the complete inside of the Harmonic balancer was filled with weld. I cant get in contact with the previous owner to ask if the bolt is welded in either because he wont answer my calls. A couple of boys from work suggested replacing the crank but that's not something i really want to do. Can anyone suggest a Dremel tool that would eat out the weld so i can see first of all if the bolt is actually in there and other suggestions would be appreciated as well. You might also notice the destroyed engine fan, i have switched to 12 volt engine fans so it isn't a problem.
Here is a google drive link to the image as i don't know how to use the image code on this website.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2FD9q ... sp=sharing

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Re: 1992 LN111 Hilux, Crankshaft Pulley WELDED ON!!?? please Help

Unread post by Peter Aawen » March 6th, 2019, 1:05 pm

Welcome to the Forum Liam, but I'm really sorry that it hasta be something like this!!

Instead of trying to cut that weld out, I'd say you would be much better off looking for a replacement crank or better yet, a complete replacement engine!! There's no real way to resurrect the end of the crank, the thread, the locking key way, etc, cos it is almost certain that all that lot was stuffed before it got welded, and now it's got harder weld all over it, it'll only be stuffed even more - in fact, it's probably BECAUSE all that lot was stuffed that it got welded up in the first place!! Someone was trying to avoid taking the crank out & fixing it properly, so they dodgied it up & sold the car on to some sucker as quick as they could! :ooh:

I'd guess the previous owner is actively avoiding your calls cos he KNEW that little 'present' was there, maybe even along with a whole crap-load of other dodgy stuff - if he did that to the crank, wtf else did he bodgy up while he was 'rebuilding' the engine 10K ago?? :boggle:

This is probably one of the few times that sourcing one of those 'low km exchange engines' imported from a Japanese wrecker looks like it might be a GREAT option! You should cut your losses on that one & get an engine that has at least SOME chance of you ever getting it running reliably! As it is, I wouldn't trust that one further than you can throw it.... and if you persist & try to get it sorted, I reckon it's almost a sure bet that you WILL be trying throw it somewhere pretty soon! :whyme:

Sorry, but that's the way the Mercedes Benz! :o
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