Back in a Terrano

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Back in a Terrano

Unread post by Nic_A31 » January 7th, 2019, 2:19 pm

Hey guys, long time no post.

I posted a build thread for this thing a while ago.


I got the opportunity to buy an SH Forester with a blown motor for pretty cheap, so that became priority for a while and I got the motor rebuilt and registered...awesome daily.

Having the Pathfinder sitting down the back for so long didn't do any sprung up some new rust spots, the winch and winch control box were filled with corrosion, box toggled but the winch itself is jammed up, just getting it jump started and running was a mission...I couldn't ever get that carby to run properly, it would either idle fine and rev like *****, or idle rough and rev ok...

I saw this for sale in Echuca, it looked a bit rough on the outside but it ticked most of the boxes for what I'd rather be building.

2 door
factory sunroof
dark color



I didn't like much about it externally haha, but it would make a better base for the project.
Auto, which has some shifting issues, and pretty much stock all the way through, previous owner fixed up most of the dodgy wiring that apparently existed, and has replaced some ball joints and tie rod ends by the looks of it, the body is pretty rough on the other side, roof and bonnet. The bonnet scoop was the first thing to come off.

I stripped out all the good ***** from the Pathfinder and got rid of that.

Stock TD27 in all her glory


The interior needs a good clean


Been slowly swapping out the parts I kept from the Pathfinder
Stock towbar gone, Hayman Reese bar with hitch receiver fitted
Stock front bar gone, ARB bar fitted (winch not fitted)
Roof racks on
Flares fitted
31s fitted

Swapped the seats and door cars for later model ones, only slightly different but nicer nonetheless.
Decent speakers and head unit in.


Seems to sit lower than the Pathy did, need to figure out what that's all about.
Need to suss out if either of the diffs are LSD, and still need to carry some stuff over like manual front hubs.

Got a manual gearbox ready to go, just want to get some fresh clutch and flywheel bolts before I go ahead with that.
Going to double up the factory bash plates in the fuel tank, box/transfer case, etc

Fitted a second battery in the bay, seems to have a factory provision for a second battery, and even has a thick gauge cable coming off the starter motor terminal (looks factory, not aftermarket), so for now it's only fitted as a second crank battery but I'll get a kit later down the track and run some accessories off it.

Plans (no particular order)
-Manual conversion
-Suspension lift
-Turbo back exhaust
-Top mount intercooler and scoop
-Panel repairs

I'm decent at MIG welding mild steel so I'll have a go at panel repairs, intercooler mounting, and the exhaust. Intercooler piping is still beyond my skillset. Suspension lift and manual conversion I can tackle but that's a while away still.

Not sure if I should just register it as is, or do some work first.
The auto drives ok, just pops out of fourth into third intermittently....the radiator is shagged, the water pump is about to let go as well.

Work situation is sketch at the moment and I'll probably be studying in 2019/2020 so funds are gonna be tight :\

Will keep this thread updated though.

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Re: Back in a Terrano

Unread post by hoyks » January 7th, 2019, 7:11 pm

Sounds like a good project.

I had the Terrano II for 9 years and it was a really good vehicle and I was really sorry to see it go.

I'm reasonably sure that the block in the T2 and your model were the same 2.7 diesel. The later model got some go faster bits and a more complicated fuel system, but pretty sure the rest was the same.
If you could track down a dead T2, then the inlet manifold (or just the 90 degree bit for the cross over pipe), intercooler and exhaust manifold should bolt straight on. The manifolds also have the mounts for the intercooler built into them.

The rocker cover would be handy too as it has the oil cap on an extended tube to make filling the engine easier with the intercooler fitted.

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Re: Back in a Terrano

Unread post by Nic_A31 » January 9th, 2019, 7:39 pm

Cheers for that, hoyks.
Noticed some mounts on the intake manifold and was wondering what they were for.
I've been looking for TMICs on eBay but they're all a tad big to fit in between the turbo and that 90 degree bend, so I'm thinking, like you say, easier to find a dead TD27i and grab the cooler off that...but they seem pretty rare :(

To try and get it into triple digits HP (....I know lol) I was thinking:
top mount cooler
2.5" turbo back exhaust
EGR delete + clean intake + catch can
boost and EGT gauge

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