zd30 money pit blowing loads of smoke

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zd30 money pit blowing loads of smoke

Unread post by Tesy » December 31st, 2018, 3:21 am

right I'm on the other side of the pond so some things might sound funny

I bought a 2001 Nissan patrol gr zd30 automatic 155000 miles
had recipts of head gasket pressure testing new head bolts ect for £1500
engine sounded nice and tight drove really nice everything worked no problems at all

so got down the motorway for about an hour
kicked down a gear (auto) and it got to 3000rpm and diesel knocked really bad
took my foot off throttle for couple seconds and back on again and it was fine

he told me it sat for month so I thought it was just crap build up
drove it for 3000 miles no problems
then it started to come back so plugged it in and it said injection timing

3 miles later turbo bearings collapsed
loads and loads of smoke as per

so where do I start

got turbo off straight to turbo works in east bourne
he said oil contamination so I said rebuild please & he said no problem

dropped oil and had a little bit of diesel in there was bit thinner than the 5w30 that was in it

so flushed the engine put new turbo on new oil new filter

spoke to some diesel people and they said it could be your injectors leaking so your pump cant hold pressure
therefore the diesel will seep thru the rings and excess will blow into turbo causing failure

tested all injectors they are all good

start it up and it idles great but wont rev past 1300 rpm it pours out smoke with bluey white colour
someone said just let it run and clear out but I just put a new turbo new oil and everything I don't want it to happen all again so where do I start?
is it diesel problems?
have I blown a pot and piston?

someone said vp44 electronic injection pumps are rotary and have a seal on the front and can leak into where the cam chain and the timing gears are going on into the oil?

someone else said you need to rebuild your pump?

someone else said just change the timing solenoid on the pump?

I have a compession test in the next couple of days but other than that what do you think?

I'm not a pro mechanic but I know more than enough as you can tell as I have done all the work myself and to a high standard with all new gaskets and seals

many thanks patrol gurus please help!!!

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Re: zd30 money pit blowing loads of smoke

Unread post by Tesy » January 2nd, 2019, 11:09 pm

so this has become very interesting now as my compression on all pots are really good
its looking towards my diesel pump

so these blowing turbos isn't always the grenade going off

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Re: zd30 money pit blowing loads of smoke

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 2nd, 2019, 11:38 pm

That sorta does tie in with the rotary inj pump & the potential for the front seal leaking diesel into the timing gear & diluting the oil..... if that seal is failing but not quite fully gone, your pump still really DOES need a rebuild cos it won't ever develop enough pressure to get much above idle before it starts pumping diesel past the seal again - & you probably need another oil & filter change now too!! Your local diesel pump mob should be able to test the transfer pressure & tell you if that's likely the issue, & if it is, your best bet is to get a fully rebuilt & optimised reco pump.... They really shouldn't do anything less anyway, but some cut corners under pressure to provide a cheaper solution, and that really only means you get a sub-std pump that will cost you more in the long run!! :o

Still, it does sound that as expensive as it's been/gonna be, it seems like you really dodged a bullet cos the pump failed or at least started dying at about the same time as the turbo crapped itself & you ended up with something that can be fixed instead of the fully operational I/p pressure diesel fuel plus the extra fuel in the form of oil getting sucked past the leaky turbo seals combining to massively over-fuel the engine & causing it to run away before catastrophically self destructing, or at least melting down into a 'whole engine replacement job'!! So it sounds like you'll get away with 'just' a turbo & I/p rebuild!! :eek:

I do hope you dodged that grenade problem! Good Luck ;)
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Re: zd30 money pit blowing loads of smoke

Unread post by Tesy » January 3rd, 2019, 6:36 am

thanks peter from what you are saying is really helpful to me as no one in the uk knows about the zd30 enough to evan know they call them a grenade as iv asked many diesel specialists here and they all told me they are bomb proof !

iv done 4000 miles since I bought it and it blew the turbo and when I started to read about the grenade it become a worry to me so as I said I had the compression tested and was all good so I dodged the bomb atleast for now

when started now with recon turbo
idles really good nice and tight wont rev past 1300 and really lumpy and smokes unbilevable

the smoke doesn't smell like oil and isn't blowing any oil out the exhaust
it smells like diesel
it doesn't evaporate
and iv had the injectors tested they are fine
so comes down to the one things !!
but my concern is the diesel in the oil ?

i have had a few people tell me to change that front o ring and out the pump back on
but its throwing diesel down its throat like mad
when I compression tested I turned it over to see if there was excess oil in the pots from previous turbo failure
and the diesel was spraying out well too much

I hope I can change the pump for recon and its sorted
as I know the engines have bad reputation for the grenade I will eventually swap for a td42 or ls1
and I think I will be the first in the uk to put a ls1 into a patrol :)

as I say no one in the uk really knows the patrols like the aussys
all the info is a great help
I evan went to main dealer and they said they have only ever worked on 3 patrols and only 1 was a pre common rail

many thanks peter I shall put new pump on and reply with the results

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