New Navara D23 Dual Cab

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New Navara D23 Dual Cab

Unread post by Cambo70 » August 21st, 2018, 9:50 am

Hi all, just thought I’d introduce myself and my S3 D23 SL Navara. Purchased it about 8 months ago stock after my 10 year old Murano’s CVT finally died at 300000km. It had a hard life and I’m surprised it lived that long.

The Navara will probably suit me much better as I have a small 10 acre farm in Gippsland Vic which I’m at 3 to 4 days a week. Otherwise I'm down on the Mornington Peninsula.

As I said, it was a stock, white SL. Vinyl floors, cloth seats, and no GPS, no sports bar, 16 inch steel wheels and road tyres, no fog lights etc, and my first foray into a proper 4WD from the AWD things I’ve had in the past.

It was pretty basic so I’ve added just a few after-market things to ‘tart’ it up a bit. Bonnet protector and matching windows, rain guards all round, nudge bar, and a canopy. Had a sports bar on it for all of about 2 months from a mate for $50, but the dogs didn’t like riding in the back in the wet and cold. Looked okay though!

Put full leather mats inside back and front and some decent canvas seat covers. 6” screen mounted GPS and some 265/70 AT tyres to replace the 255/70 road tyres. Just installed an intake snorkel last week.

So where now? Not having done much in the way of 4WDing in the past but I would like to start doing some easy to intermediate stuff. I do a bit of dirt bike riding as well with a mate who still has an old 60 series for bush bashing.

Considering a bulbar or a 1-2” lift as the next upgrade. I’d like to do both but the Ministry of Finance has put a cap on it. Stock Navs I believe are on the lower side stock and the nudge bar really does nothing except make it look pretty. So from experience what should I go with next?

Cheers All,

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