Looking for 80 Series quad headlights?

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Looking for 80 Series quad headlights?

Unread post by Gifu » August 10th, 2018, 9:14 am

Hey guys. I live in the States. Our 80s never had the quad headlights. I want a set; just to be different.
If any of you blokes upgraded to something better and want to sell the quad style headlights (and side markers; they are unique), let me know.

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Re: Looking for 80 Series quad headlights?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » August 11th, 2018, 12:51 pm

Hi Gifu, long time no see!

I don't know if you realise, but I reckon swapping from round headlights to those quad headlights & indicators on an 80 series will need a fair bit more than just the light units themselves for you to get a working conversion, so maybe it'd be better if you tried contacting one of the Wrecking businesses or Recycled Parts suppliers here in Aus - altho IIRC there is at least one US based mob importing Aus Spec Toyota parts over your way, altho I can't recall their name atm.... they were doing Toyota Diesel conversions, if that helps any! :ooh:

That said, I reckon you'll need the whole grille & the 4 light support assemblies that bolt onto the rad support panel, plus the different headlights & the wiring etc. Here in Aus, the quad lights split low & high beam between the inner & outer light units unlike on the round single assy units, so the wiring between the two styles is a fair bit different! If the US Spec vehicles are similar, that should make swapping the lights to suit which side of the road you lot drive on a bit easier, just so long as you remember to swap the lights across before you bolt them all up! I'm not sure the rad support cross member/panel is exactly the same either, altho I think the round light support panel can be 'modded' to let the quad lights work, and I'm pretty sure the front guards have the right shape cut-outs for the different indicators, so I think you're OK there.... well, I can't recall having to change the guards or rad support cross m/panel to swap the lights over, but it has been a bit of a while since I did this last! :p

There's some discussion here on the Forum about going the other way; check this thread out & follow the links to see the various threads & discussion:

viewtopic.php?f=21&t=122905&p=1509181&h ... s#p1509181

And while I'm here, one Recycled parts place that might be able to help you is City Dismantlers here in South Aus - check them out at www.citydismantlers.com.au Good Luck! ;)
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Re: Looking for 80 Series quad headlights?

Unread post by downunderphil » August 22nd, 2018, 11:08 am

I have just fitted Sahara head lights to my 80 and have said units available. as well as the side lamps. Had these working better with an upgraded wiring loom $50 eBay job so would recommend that for ease, plug and play, and the performance from good wiring.

there wass some support bracket differences in the change over I made, 2 lower corner screws bracket to hold the grill in securely is different, but the old and the Sahara units fit the hole supplied by Mr T and the 4 bolt pattern to attach to the front panel was the same for both of these.

I am enjoying much better low beam and high beam performance with the new Sahara light units and upgraded H1 and H4 +130% bulbs and loom so if you are going this route I would suggest high quality light units to give you better coverage as std ones are a little woeful.

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