Is the Sub tank removable? How?

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Is the Sub tank removable? How?

Unread post by Steve56 » July 30th, 2018, 8:03 pm

I need to repair my sub tank , does anyone know how to remove it, out through the top or down under . Thanks

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Re: Is the Sub tank removable? How?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 31st, 2018, 9:23 am

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I take you are talking about the smaller tank under the RH side middle row seating position? If so, IIRC the last one I took out to work on was a fairly easy remove from underneath, altho it has been a bit of a while.... :ooh:

Anyhow, IIRC they hang between two of the tubular cross members on the RHS of the chassis, just forward of the rear axle, & it's basically just a matter of supporting the weight on a transmission jack or similar (or make sure it's REALLY empty - they are bloody heavy when full of fuel! Please don't ask me how I know that... :o ) then disconnect & remove the large filler hose & smaller fast fill vent hose; undo the bolts holding the tank onto the chassis rails; lower the tank just enough to disconnect all the little hoses & wiring et al - the delivery & return hoses, the breather, & the sender wiring etc; then lower the tank completely & remove from the vehicle.... Installation is basically just the reverse of that process (don't forget to connect all the little hoses & wiring BEFORE you lift the tank & bolt it up! And no, please don't ask me how I know that is important either! :whyme: )

There may be some steps I've forgotten, or maybe your installation is a little different, I know some tanks have transfer pumps instead of being fully self contained with their own fillers & fast fill vents etc, and there might be differences in the process &/or the exact plumbing/wiring removal sequence due to those or other things I've forgotten or missed; but basically, that's a broad outline of the removal process - hope it helps! :thumb:
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