Squeaking Sounds on Start-up - What does It Mean?

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Squeaking Sounds on Start-up - What does It Mean?

Unread post by Coby03 » June 28th, 2018, 3:56 pm

In recent times my patrol has started up with a squeeking sound. There is also a little bit of white smoke which I believe is normal.
Particularly on a cold morning.
This is a 2005 3.0 L ZD-30. It has about 280000 kms on the clock. Any advice please reply ASAP.

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Re: Squeaking Sounds on Start-up - What does It Mean?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 28th, 2018, 6:42 pm

Hi Coby, welcome to the Forum & the Nissan GU Tech section! :thumb:

If your squeaking sound is just as you start up, effectively only as the engine begins to turn over, there's a pretty good chance that it's a worn or loose drive belt & squeaking because the resistance from the water pump, power steering, &/or alternator needs a bit more oomph to overcome than the loose/worn belt can easily pass on. :ooh:

Cold mornings & white smoke from diesels do seem to go together, but they shouldn't!! It's probably due to one or more tired glow plugs or a tired glow system, altho it might be the beginnings of a head gasket issue or condensation from water in the fuel..... but I'd suggest the tired glow plug/system is far more likely!! If you have a glow light on the dash that lights up when you turn the ign on (I can't remember if the ZD-30 Patrols do... gotta be getting too old! :petrified: ) try turning the ign on & waiting for that light to go out AT LEAST twice before proceeding to try starting - if you've fixed/replaced the loose/worn belt it should start instantly & without any squeaks or squeals & NO WHITE SMOKE!! But if it doesn't start instantly or still huffs smoke after glowing a couple of times, you might need to get the glow plugs &/or system checked properly - you probably don't want to try replacing them yourself, cos it's awfully easy to break a glow plug off, leaving 1/2 of it stuck in the head; and it's bloody hard to get a busted plug out once you've broken it!! :purplex:

And of course, if you do all that & it still squeals & huffs smoke, your problems are likely bigger & we could need a bit more detail/info before being able to give any helpful responses.... but it's always better to assume it's gonna be the common & easy to fix things first! Good Luck! ;)
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