Help with first Landcruiser - PNG based Pom

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Help with first Landcruiser - PNG based Pom

Unread post by redlemon18 » June 3rd, 2018, 2:38 pm

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently living and working in PNG and have just bought a 2008 5dr station wagon (4.2 non turbo) off the company I work for. It’s done a few kilometres, well just over 350,000 to be exact. The mileage is quite high, but anyone who knows anything about PNG will know how difficult and expensive it is to get decent 4x4’s over here.

The vehicle needs a bit of work, but I will probably only keep it for a year, so I’m only concerned with essential repairs and maintenance. It’s been serviced and has 4 new tyres. I checked the wheel bearings today and greased the driveline, and this brings me to my first question:

1) When you grease the sliding shafts should grease come out where the two shafts overlap? When I tried it didn’t, it just became difficult to pump once the slack had been taken up.

2) Are there any other grease nipples to worry about? I’ve found the two at the front.

3) There is quite a lot of play in the steering. The track rod ends definitely need doing, but there is also a lot of play in top of the steering box. Can this be fixed easily?

4) How do I look after the front hubs?

5) The steering wheel shakes a bit when starting and stopping the engine. Something is also clunking when I take my foot off the accelerator quickly on the highway - is this being caused by worn out engine mounts?

6) Sometimes the engine starts hunting a bit for fuel whilst cruising on the highway?

7) Is there anything else I should check, assuming it was fully serviced?

All help and advice greatly appreciated!

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