Ford Escape suitable 4x4? (+ introduction)

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Ford Escape suitable 4x4? (+ introduction)

Unread post by jessehmn » May 23rd, 2018, 5:36 pm

G'day guys!

I'm Jesse from The Netherlands and have been living in Melbourne for 6 months now.
I am a complete noob if it comes to technical stuff with cars, but think I can say I am a decent driver. And for information about 4x4's I am reading the forum :pinkhappy:

I bought a Ford Escape XLT from 2003 a couple of months ago and am very happy with it so far. Drove around 2.000k with it now without any problems (knocks on wood).
However, I am planning a big Outback & West Coast trip starting from July. I am only a bit worried as opinions differ if a Ford Escape is made to drive on unsealed roads?

My plan was to go in a convoy of at least two cars from Adelaide -> Coober Pedy -> William Creek - Oodnadatta -> Finke -> Alice Springs -> Uluru -> Laverton -> Kalgoorlie -> Esperance.
Only some people are concerned this is not doable for a 4WD like a Ford Escape. Do you guys have any experience on these roads? I have driven on unsealed roads before and that went great - I just took it very easy and limited my speed as I am defo not an expert on these roads.
The main thing I want to avoid on my trip are deep sand roads and dunes. Some tracks with a little bit of hard sand don't concern me, but don't wanna go extreme off-roading with it.

To me it sounds a bit weird that a car like this can't handle the route I have in mind, as it's a 4WD (without H & L though).
I just don't want to be the know-it-all, because I am not. Lot of people say it's perfectly doable, but I am still unsure about some who say it isn't.

So, long story short, do you think it is reasonable to travel the unsealed gravel roads on this route and is a Ford Escape a car in general that should be possible to do some light 4WD tracks / roads with?

Many thanks in advance guys. My apologies if this is put in the wrong section!

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