Need more Bass from my Audio - any ideas?

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Need more Bass from my Audio - any ideas?

Unread post by Rambo351 » April 30th, 2018, 5:15 pm

Hey guys, I own a 2008 Triton and I've noticed that the speakers do not have the best output.
I was wondering if it would be worth buying new speakers all around or just to buy a subwoofer?
I’m looking for more bass but also want to get the best bang for my bucks. It already has an after market head unit.

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Re: Need more Bass from my Audio - any ideas?

Unread post by cuzza_wa » May 8th, 2018, 4:13 pm

Hey mate, i'm no car audio expert but some previous experience may be of use, i have to openly admit i listen to rock / hiphop / blues only so if you are after some boom boom for your doof doof then likely disregard the below completely :D

four options i would consider below.

1. Install a small mono amp and a sub. slim boxes i have seen under seats, or behind seats. Leaves factory speakers and you can take the sub out for long maintain your controls for audio
Requires a new amp and wiring, and sub.

2. Install a 2 channel amp (or 4 channel), run rear or all speakers from this.

3. Leave front speakers (fronts are usually ok for your high / treble sounds) and slap a larger set of speakers in the back, some 6x9's or something with a larger bass cone. To get these working you may need an amp though :(

4. Install 4 x new speakers, no amp required, but may not fix your bass issue without a good amp if the speakers are underpowered, so if you do this you may end up forking out for new speakers and a new amp, where you may have not required it.

In a nutshell, cheapest option is the amp, but it may not work.
i would almost suggest a smallish 2 or 4 channel amp, wire rear speakers to it, if its still not enough then grab a sub and put speakers back into head unit. .
Just make sure the amp you get has enough juice to do either some speakers or a sub. you may find the amp gives the speakers enough to satisfy your bass needs.

For reference, i run my front two 6x9's to the head unit as i dont need as much punch in the front (speakers are close enough to my head) to hear music and the doors rattle with too much bass.
My rear 6x9's i run to a 4 channel amp, which also feeds my sub woofer (1/2 sub, 3/4 rears) but to be perfectly honest, with the sub i do not need the rear speakers, and they will be going shortly.

Hope that is of some use.

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