Here's how I Convert Google Maps to Hema...

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Here's how I Convert Google Maps to Hema...

Unread post by justinvv » April 14th, 2018, 6:38 pm

GPS and route creation tip with example.

When I go on trips (especially remote solo trips, I like to prepare a little. I spend a bit of time looking at the route, planing fuel and water stops etc.

Some say half the fun is getting lost, but sometimes you are on a time schedule, and sometimes getting lost is to dangerous, so I often create routes to follow or use as a guide.

A lot of the time Hema Maps (what I use, and arguably the best off road maps available) just dont show the roads that are there.

There are a few ways to solve this issue; ie, trace the roads by hand on Google Earth, but often Google Earth just doesn't have the resolution to follow the tracks, and this is slow and laborious. Apple maps is better, but you cant create routes in it.

I am always surprised just how many remote and unused tracks are on Google Maps (not Google Earth), more than are often on Hema, and the detail and accuracy is usually a lot better, and you can use these tracks to create routes, but getting them into your GPS is often nearly impossible. But it can be done, and with just a few clicks.

Here is how I do it. (for those that don't already know or who care ;) )

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Re: Here's how I Convert Google Maps to Hema...

Unread post by mauriceb » February 6th, 2019, 2:27 pm

Although the latest Eotopo are a great map set there a remote tracks that are not shown on the maps. Especially in the remoter deserts. I use the internet interface on Ozi pc using Virtual Earth or choose others like Google Earth /Open Topo Maps. You can create tracks/wp;s using the Ozi tools and save them as KML /GPX OR .PLT . Recently gps Visualizer removed this conversion function; however, you can use .https: / / If you run Oziexplorer Android or PC you can purchase the latest ExplorOz Eotopo Map set to run with your other maps or purchase the new version release on the google play store.

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