Hilux 2.8 diesel overheating - any thoughts?

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Re: Hilux 2.8 diesel overheating - any thoughts?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » April 25th, 2019, 12:27 pm

allycol wrote:
April 24th, 2019, 6:24 pm
.... he said don’t fit a turbo to a non factory turbo engine. He must be right as the hilux no longer overheats.
Yeah, that's always going to be the manufacturer's line tho!

But have you seen how many thousands of older mechanical injection type Hilux's are out there successfully running 'soft blow' turbo's with mild power upgrades (not over-fuelling, therefore running safe EGT's with NO over-heating! :sillywink:) who never have any issues, and of course there's also all the older Hilux's that started out as non-turbo vehicles but have since been turbo-ed with either the wrong boost, too much fuel, &/or maybe even both, so many of those are running around mainly OK except for the over-heating every time they try to maintain hwy speeds in a high gear on a longish hill thing, where they are pushing the EGT's up too high - so they are basically slowly (or quickly!) killing the engine! Still, there are LOTS of after-market turbo-ed Hilux Diesels out there that run fantastically as they are, and probably just as many that are currently turbo-ed but are over-fuelling & slowly (or quickly!) being destroyed by their owners thru chasing too much power or just winding up the fuel too much! Many of the latter would last just as long as the former milder turbo-ed diesels and maybe even as long as the n/a diesels if only the owners would let a good diesel tuner set the fuel properly & tune it/set it all up so that the EGT's don't often exceed 550°C & NEVER exceed 650°C post turbo!! :eek:

Regardless of what the factory mech might say, Diesel engines are pretty much MADE for forced induction, it's just that you can't be greedy in the hunt for power without paying the penalty in reliability & longevity! And so many newbie & some not so newbie 4WD'ers like & try to do things themselves (as they should! :thumb: ) but don't recognise that while fitting a turbo isn't all that hard for anyone to do, the actual setting up of a turbo PROPERLY & setting the Mechanical I/P PROPERLY to ensure safe fuel/boost matching & safe EGT levels ALL the time is not really something you can do properly yourself without having the appropriate hard earned skills, knowledge, & the right gear - so most REALLY NEED to get a good diesel tuner to do that lot properly! And if they did that, their a/mkt turbo-ed diesel would drive well, work hard, pull hard, and never have any over-heating issues due to over-fuelling & high EGT's so it'll probably last pretty much just as long as any n/a diesel will, given the same maintenance regime on both! In fact, most Diesel engines really DESERVE a properly set up turbo, and often the right & well set-up a/mkt turbo's are better for the engine than the factory jobbies! ;)
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