1999 100series 1fz-fe aircon squealing - fix ideas?

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1999 100series 1fz-fe aircon squealing - fix ideas?

Unread post by bones54 » November 29th, 2017, 5:03 pm

I have had my 100 series 1FZ-FE since new and have had no issues with it. However of late when the aircon is switched on there is a squealing noise coming from the compressor . I have re-tensioned the drive belt and replaced it with a new belt thinking this is the problem. It seemed to work for a while but now as soon as the aircon is switched on the squeal starts. Have looked at the compressor while the car is running and the pulley on the aircon seems to stick and the belt starts to squeal. Am thinking the clutch or bearing needs replacement. Appreciate any advise.

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Re: 1999 100series 1fz-fe aircon squealing - fix ideas?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » November 29th, 2017, 5:58 pm

Hi Bones, I've sent you a PM - check your inbox via the Private Messages button up the top right of the screen! :thumb:

As for your question - that compressor pulley 'sticking' will be happening when the air con tries to cycle on. If it's not turning the whole pulley once the centre engages, you've got a problem with that bearing &/or the compressor itself. From what you describe & how it worked 'for a while' with a new/tensioned belt, I'd guess that the air con is out of gas & the compressor has seized over time cos it was spinning without any gas in there to act as lubricant!! That will probably mean you need a new compressor & a re-gas to get the a/c working again.... and continuing to run it with the squealing belt stands a good chance of wearing the belt out, burning thru it or blowing it under load & potentially ripping out the guts of the radiator with the belt thrashing around once it snaps!!

So you should probably take the belt off entirely & immediately!! Then get the compressor fixed as soon as you can - leaving the a/c system empty of gas will only allow the seals to dry out & deteriorate, leave it too long & it'll just be making the repair more & more expensive the longer you wait!!

Good Luck
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