Boat pinhole leak, selling, fix or drop price?

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Boat pinhole leak, selling, fix or drop price?

Unread post by Riley89 » May 3rd, 2017, 8:22 pm


As subject says, I have a 2000 hull Savage 3.5m tinny, in moderate condition, with a pinhole leak. At the moment, with about 3-4hr fishing sesh, it creates about 1 - 1.5 inch of water.

I did have a friend who tried welding where someone previously had done a 'home weld' job on a crack on the bow. It decreased the amount of water but didn't fix it completely.

I'm looking at selling it, as recently with 2 bubs I haven't used it in over 2 years. It's been go go go and was only going out monthly with it in summer prior.

So my question is; Do I sell the boat as is, being completely transparent about the leak (I wouldn't do it any other way), at least they know about it, & knock off ~$500 off the asking price.

Or; Is it worth the time/money getting it fixed and selling with what I had in mind?

The whole package is, An easy tow trailer, all accessories, strap winch, spare type all in great condition, working order. The savage hull with 3 bench seats, with two swivel seats mounted on 2 of the benches, custom boat cover, multiple rod holders.. and a 2012 15hp Yamaha, <30hrs on it, 25l fuel tank, custom motor cover.

I had planned to get the motor service leading up to the listing/sale of the item and offer to change the trailer plug adapter if the round socket doesn't suit. Rego for both boat and trailer paid in Feb.

Overall I'd like $2,500 (maybe set it a tad higher and let them haggle to around that) but I'd settle for $2000. Originally bought it when I was young and stupid for $3k and then put about $1000 worth of custom covers and accessories.

Think fishing isn't for me, might stick to golf as my expensive hobby :lol:

Any other seller tips would also be appreciated.

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Re: Boat pinhole leak, selling, fix or drop price?

Unread post by typhoeus » May 3rd, 2017, 9:23 pm

If you took it to an aluminium welder, he might charge you $100 to TIG it, then its fixed properly. Then you start a little higher in price and you have leeway to be a nice guy and let it go cheaper. everyone ends up happy. don't worry about the trailer plug. fiddling around with that makes it seem you are trying too hard to sell it, and would put people off. Besides a new plug will cost the buyer what . . $10?

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