Jeeps - which model suits what?

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Jeeps - which model suits what?

Unread post by -G-man » March 3rd, 2017, 11:18 am


Considering buying a jeep wrangler for everyday car + offroading.

I did as much research as I could prior to posting here.

In america you have the TJ jeep, JK jeep, a JK unlimited 4 door, and an LJ jeep which was a 2 door however it had the 105" extended wheelbase while the 4 door unlimited took that up to 116" like the GU patrols.

From everything I have read, the Short wheelbase TJ has advantage in taking tighter turns/trails. Also it wont get caught up on a rock on its breakover angle due to its shorter wheelbase.

On other hand, the longer wheelbase 4 door JK unlimited will provide better perfomance on steep climbs and descents as well as be more stable for regular use and have more space to carry things. Issues like breakover angle can be fixed by raising the 4 door higher and putting larger tires under it. Problems like turning radius you can get around by just doing a few extra turns.

So essentially what I got from it all is that the longer wheelbase can get around the problems it has that a short wheelbase wont have; but the short wheelbase cant get around the problems it had that a long wheel base wont have.

Now comes the mix of the 2... the LJ wrangler was a long wheelbase vehicle with 2 doors. More space than a JK 2 door inside and a longer wheelbase without being TOO long like the JK unlimited which sits at 116" or the same as a GU patrol.

I do not see ANY listing in australia or on this forum relating to the LJ though. Is this not a car we can buy here?

Our model numbers on carsales seem different to what I understand of jeeps. So what would I be looking at for the longer wheelbase? And which years have solid axles or do they all have them?

Any preferable year to look at?

Also what are the diesel wranglers like? and what conversions are offered aftermarket for these? can v8 diesels be put in them you can for landcruisers etc can? or how does it work with jeeps?

How much space do the 2 doors offer with the seats down compared to the 4 doors? can I fit an 80L fridge and camping gear in a 2 door? Tent, luggage etc?

And lastly... what's up with the sterotype 'if you want problems and a close association with the mechanic, get a jeep'?

Some people say they're totaly unreliable vehicles, then other people that own them say that's a load of crap and they are the most reliable vehicle they ever owned (even compared to landcruisers???) I cant imagine a car just breaking non stop and the manufacturer still being in business, so any light on this?

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Re: Jeeps - which model suits what?

Unread post by Clarkey16 » April 8th, 2017, 2:14 pm

I can't recall ever seeing an LJ in Oz but that's not to say there isn't. May be some personal imports around but not sold here I believe.
Sign up at & ask, if any are around they will know.

A 2D JK has limited room. You can't fit a folded up OZ Tent inside it (but tent is 2m long).
I like this setup in a JKU


Finally BBQ time[/QUOTE]

Reliability can be a problem if you get the wrong vehicle, but that can be said for any brand.
You wouldn't do a trip like this on your own if reliability was a problem. ... p?t=148151

The 2.8 CRD is a great engine if maintained. Their weak point is the timing belt (that also drives the water pump). They have been known to break at the 80 to 100k mark but there are examples out there that that don't. Change it & the water pump out early & you won't need to worry about it.

I gave up on Dealers as most were parts jockeys just reading codes & replacing parts till problem is fixed. Gets quite expensive I have found. I do most of my maintenance myself, just need a good quality scan tool & a manual (plenty on line).

I'm no mechanic but so far I have sorted most problems & mods. Hardest was my ratio change but I sorted that eventually. I'm about to swap out my auto as the torque converter is playing up (230,000km). I don't believe it will be any harder to do then any other brand 4wd.

I don't own a JK because I wanted a larger tow capacity but as a brand of 4wd I can't much :p

There is a mob in Australia that do V8 conversions, posted on Ausjeep somewhere, they were mega expensive though.
Yes I did! Built with spanners not chop sticks!

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