HJ75 Belt sizes - Anyone tell me what they are?

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HJ75 Belt sizes - Anyone tell me what they are?

Unread post by sharkman56 » February 26th, 2017, 9:12 am

Hi, hoping someone can help. I need to replace the belts on my 1988 HJ75 ute, it has the 2H natural aspirated motor with power steering and air con. Could someone please tell me the belt lengths and sections for the 3 belts, or where I might find this information? I can't read the numbers on the old belts. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: HJ75 Belt sizes - Anyone tell me what they are?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » March 8th, 2017, 10:44 am

Sorry, can't tell you what they are, but here's some info that might help. ;)

While the Standard belts like Pwr Steer & Alt are generally common sizes to all similarly equipped vehicles from Toyota (& most other manufacturers at that time) almost all of the A/C intallations done in Aust on that make of 4By's were done by the dealer, even the 'so called' Toyota Factory Aircon units; so that particular belt size might vary from vehicle to vehicle due to the different compressor pulleys & tensioners that may have been used.... & while there may even be a specified belt size in their specs/w/shop manual, it isn't necessarily what was used or is on your vehicle! But don't despair, most places that sell a range of fan & drive belts will have a measuring device on hand to help you get the correct size belt! So all you've really gotta do is take the old belts off & take them in!!

However, because belts do sometimes stretch & wear in a little over time, before you take them off, it always pays to check how much adjustment either way you have left as well - that way if you are right out at the full extent of available adjustment, you can choose to get a belt a little more on the tight side; or vice versa, if you are right in on the tight side of adjustment already & you still hafta lever the belt off, or worse, you need to take the pulley right off to get the belt off, you might choose to go up a size to avoid that problem in the future.

Any good auto parts & accessories place that sells a range of belts & has some in stock, places like AutoPro, Repco, Bursons etc, should be able to measure your old belts (even if they are largely shredded) & get a replacement size that's close if not exactly correct - and most will exchange a belt you just bought that isn't exactly right for the correct one, just so long as you haven't marked or hacked/damaged it while trying to force it on!! Since Drive belts shouldn't be too hard to fit if the adjustment/tensioner is backed right off, that shouldn't be a problem - if you've done that & the replacement you just got still doesn't fit without levering or hammering it on, you've probably got a belt that's too short! So take it back & go up a size, don't destroy the 'new' belt trying to jam it on when it's abviously too tight!!

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Re: HJ75 Belt sizes - Anyone tell me what they are?

Unread post by ingles » March 28th, 2017, 2:47 pm

Belts should be; ALt 15a1080, P/steer 15a0865, A/c 13a1400. That a/c belt size will be for dealer install factory type air, so may not necessarily fit yours if it has aftermarket air. Good luck!

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