Would moving the O2 sensor back improve tune/economy?

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Would moving the O2 sensor back improve tune/economy?

Unread post by ltd_v8 » June 20th, 2016, 12:07 pm

just wanting peoples advice on my 1991 toyota 4runner vzn130 v6 petrol with extractors and exhaust

i replaced everything new on it even the o2 sensor and im still getting 350km or 14.50L/100km

So i was under it tonight and looking around tested the o2 sensor it is within spec i was looking at the exhaust and wondered what if the o2 sensor was moved back because how i see it the o2 sensor is only running on 3 cylinders and its not seeing the other 3 cylinders and its not burning the right mixture because who ever made this exhaust does not know *****

here is a shitty attempt with paint and a mouse of my exhaust


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Re: Would moving the O2 sensor back improve tune/economy?

Unread post by turtl3tim » June 20th, 2016, 7:25 pm

honestly, i think about 350ks to a tank is pretty much the going rate for the v6's. im yet to run a full tank through mine since completing all my upgrades and general maintenance (as of today).

as far as the exhaust. whoever did it, did not put the o2 sensor back in the correct location as uve already mentioned. IIRC on mine before we did the exhaust, the o2 sensor was mounted after the y-pipe join and before the cat (i actually think o2 mounting point was part of the factory cat assembly. will moving it make a difference? honestly cant say...i THINK it would, but the difference would probably be very minor. my current factory o2 sensor was welded back in after the y join, i also have provision for an aftermarket sensor in my new cat
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