Is this X-Trail worth fixing?

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Is this X-Trail worth fixing?

Unread post by Gab250 » April 24th, 2016, 9:20 pm

Hey, I know it's not a real 4WD, but I've got the opportunity to pick up a 2005 Nissan X Trail ST for $500, yes, $500, trouble is, the motor is buggered, so I'm wondering if it's really worth my $500? I can fit the motor myself no dramas, but what else should I check out to see if it's worth fixing? What amount of k's are reasonable? I don't know much about X Trails so some info would be good.

Cheers, Gab

Peter Aawen
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Re: Is this X-Trail worth fixing?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » April 25th, 2016, 7:14 pm

If you want to buy it to flip, it may well be, but you are the only one who can see the condition of the thing....

If you want to buy it as a car to thrash after fixing, then yeah, maybe... If you want to buy it as a 'beginner 4WD' to use on dirt roads & gentle fire trails, then it could be a good choice of cheap albeit somewhat inappropriate vehicle that you could thrash to death (it'll probably die fairly quickly...) and if you don't care about it too much, it could well take you into some 'real' 4WD stuff without much stress if you do happen to kill it out there somewhere.... But if you want to buy it as a 4WD to do the Simpson & beyond in, to trek the iconic Vic Hi-Country tracks in, &/of to do Cape York via the back way & any stuff harder than the OTL, then it's probably not such a smart move, even if it is cheap to buy & fit a new engine into!! :rolleyes:

You'd really hafta go over the thing carefully to work out what's wrong of what might need fixing; even knowing how the engine got stuffed could be enlightening! If the engine was drowned in a too deep water crossing, don't just walk away from it, RUN!! Run as hard, as fast, & as far as you possibly can from anything that's been drowned, especially anything that's essentially a 'soft roader' that's been used as a 4WD & quite probably has stuffed shocks, springs, driveline, suspension, body mounts, possibly even cracked & stuffed body panels, seat frames & supports, main body pillars, and more wrong with it!!

Sure, some soft roaders might do a whole lot better than you might expect off road, but they weren't made for real 'off-roading' (hell, not many 4WD's made since the late 90's were made for it!!) and as a result they break everywhere & anywhere if used in the hard stuff too often.... So realistically, the only person who can make the decision about the X-Trail is you - cos you are really the only one who can make a decision on it all; what's it look like, what's it been used for & already done, & what do you expect to use it for are just a few of the questions to ask yourself &/or the seller about....

Good Luck. ;)
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