98' Ford Courier... Opinions?

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98' Ford Courier... Opinions?

Unread post by 4x4N00B » June 27th, 2015, 12:09 am

Hi Guys, Im new but im not 100% new to 4x4.

I have been with family before years ago and watched plenty of videos. But I am new to being the driver.

I recently obtained a 1998 Ford Courier 2.5 TB 4x4. So obviously the engine is not that big, but I was just after opinions on the couriers? what experiences people have had? and I'm not sure if to go 'All out' on it? by that, I mean front to back - top to bottom with mods..

Any help, tips, and info would be muchly appreciated. :truck:

Thanks Kindly, Jason.

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Re: 98' Ford Courier... Opinions?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 29th, 2015, 2:01 pm

Hi N00B, welcome to the Forum. There's a lot of info (& opinions) about Couriers in this section, altho since it's a Tech section, a lot of it might be a little more 'tech related' than what you are after - but there are also a lot of threads/topics in the general sections where posters have sought advice on what vehicle to buy. A bit of searching & a lot of reading will give you a much better & probably more realistic idea about them than you are likely to get from an 'opinion' thread like this - after all, opinions are like ****holes, everyone's got one, & regrettably there are even some who will post up inflammatory comments just to watch the flames (altho we do try to keep them under control here. :(

Anyhow, for my 2 bob, you could do a lot worse than a late 90's Courier (eg, the 'good' Toyota Hilux's were all gone & finished by then! :( ) Just keep in mind that your Ute wasn't ever meant to be as comfortable, drive as fast, or handle as well as a sports sedan, or even be as capable of carrying or towing heavy loads as the bigger 6 & 8 cyl alternatives - but it is a pretty robust & capable on & off road light/medium load carrier with reasonable on road manners. Never going to be massively powerful or a fuel miser, and once you head off road you will want to minimise the load on board &/or under tow or risk chassis damage. But they have a pretty good power to weight ratio that keeps them moving reliably if you don't try to push them to do it all too fast, the suspension works well for what it is, they have reasonable approach & departure angles, & are capable of being a good daily driver as well as a fun weekend off roader. Lotsa mods & accessories around for them, no major issues, & with some driver care & skill they can take you to a lot of fantastic places thru some phenomenal terrain and get you to work & the shops reliably for many years. ;)

As for going 'all out' on it, why not just suck it & see what YOU really need to help it do the things you want it to do & go the places you want it to go? Save your $$ for the important things, like getting out there, & only spend money on it for maintenance & then for mods/accessories when you can clearly see the need - what's the point of having an 'All Out' modded & fully kitted out truck if you can't afford to even drive it to work?!? Lotsa vehicles out there with all the good looking & expensive gear on them that's never been used & mods that add nothing to what the vehicle does for the owner; but hey, they look cool - NOT!! :crazy: In fact, just like the Toorak Tractors of the early days of 4WD popularity, fully kitted out vehicles that have never been or rarely get used 'for real' these days generally just make their owners look like lame limp.....

Save your $$ for getting out there, & only do the mods/get the accessories that you decide will help you enjoy your vehicle & the bush!! :thumb:
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Re: 98' Ford Courier... Opinions?

Unread post by chris_stoffa » June 29th, 2015, 2:34 pm


In the hands of someone who has some experience, understands the vehicles limitations and its strengths ( and knows how to use those) they are quite a capable vehicle that can keep with other standard or mildly modified vehicles.

They will not keep with anything that is 3inch lifted , double locked and on 35's etc, but apples for apples mine will keep with the patrols, cruisers hiluxs navaras and jeeps of any of the groups and clubs that I have been out with.

In fact , mine will regularly get the comment "The Bravo did well"

( Disclaimer here - Mine is well kitted and includes a full Old Man Emu Ultimate suspension kit - I purchased it as a complete unit. - It doesn't have greatly increased flexibility over the standard units, just a better ride really )

They are a small motor that doesn't rely on torque, but rather revs, they will happily rev to 4,000+ ( last trip mine spent a lot of time around the 3500-4000 rpm :eek: :D )

They don't have much under 1700 rpm but between that and 3500rpm they will happily spin away while you swap cogs to match the work required.

They have a good LSD ( if fitted) that responds well to left foot braking "locker" trick.

They do have a problem with 5th gear - simply don't tow in 5th unless level or downhill - 9 out of 10 will at some stage crack their original head BUT if its replaced with a good quality unit they don't tend to do it again.

They can break CV's but usually only if you push them too hard or get them airborne - they don't like touchdown under power, the CV's shafts do snap if you abuse them...........as do lots of other things on other vehicles in the same circumstances.

They are reasonable on fuel, easy to service and maintain - as more of them age parts have become a little easier to obtain from wreckers and ebay /facebook is a good source as well.

Mazda and Ford can be crazy expensive on some parts ...........and other parts on par with ebay, go figure , so it pays to check around.

Pound for Pound i'm happy to go many a kilometre or two with the average 4WD's and know that its usually not me that needs to be recovered -they are an often underated vehicle.

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Re: 98' Ford Courier... Opinions?

Unread post by 4x4N00B » June 29th, 2015, 9:02 pm

Wow, thank you both I didn't expect such a detailed response!

you're both right and have been extremely helpful!!

I will take in all the advice from you both and put it into practice.
I have decided now that I will only do the essential mods because one day I will want something bigger EG: a patrol which will kit out.

Again thank you both so much!! :)

@Peter Aawen and @Chris Stoffa

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