Terrano II - after info on mods/accessories & upgrades?

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Terrano II - after info on mods/accessories & upgrades?

Unread post by Kiwinoz » May 14th, 2015, 9:01 am

New R20 guy here, long time Terrano guy tho

Who makes these Bull Bars I have seen on a few? Any steel ones?
I saw a post about a guy in Inisfail (?) might make a winch bar ?

Snorkel, is it a dedicated R20 snorkel, or does a D22 or similair one fit?

Are all or any LSD rear diffs? H233b?
Got to love the Big G/box, a lot of Kiwis fit these to their D21 Diesel Terranos :)

Body lift, Kit? I have a 2nd set of D21 spacers, how do we go for bolts? any pitfalls?

Wheels, 15x7 -9 offset with 31s ?

Lastly, has anyone tweaked the injector pump (chip?) or....fitted a mechanical pump, cable and Vaccum alt.

Cheers guys

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Re: Terrano II - after info on mods/accessories & upgrades?

Unread post by Singlespeeder » May 25th, 2015, 9:31 pm

Hi there,
Bullbar: Formula One in sydney still have a pattern in alloy or steel (winch bar). I think ECB make an alloy.

Snorkel: http://www.4wdworld.com.au/Airflow-Snor ... no-II.html just one place to get it but look about.

I believe all came out here with LSD in the rear and the gearbox came out on a few different model Nissans included 300ZX.

31's no body lift required. (15 x 8) forgotten the offset but its not much. Suspension lift and wind up the front torsion bars.

Power module: Diesel Smart, Steinbauer. A few things out of europe on ebay. Take your pick. I went Steinbauer and found that the 2 1/2 mandrel bend exhaust and intercooler fan have made good gains as a package. The thing is you gain is drivability through out the power curve. My truck pulls hard pass 4000rpm now when the push is needed.


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