AXT Turbo 1KZ build - how to strengthen engine internals?

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AXT Turbo 1KZ build - how to strengthen engine internals?

Unread post by rlilwell » November 26th, 2014, 1:53 pm

g'day guys,
As the subject line suggests I am rebuilding a 1KZ and putting it my Lux. I have put a fair bit of time and love into my Lux and its part of the family so scrapping and getting a cruiser is not on the cards, so with this in mind and while the engine is out and already costing me blood and money I am going to do the best job I can and get the most out of it. since I am wanting to do a fair bit of work and upgrades to the engine "bolt ons" is there anything I can do to the internals that will strengthen it? performance petrol motors u can forge, cam, upgrade lifters, etc so is there similar for diesels?
The plan so far is to:
- upgrade the turbo (AXT kit)
- get a W2A intercooler (looking at a Plazmaman kit for it?)
- high flow airbox and new snorkel and relocate to the passenger side to minimize piping (either make my own box or get a Extremezilla box?)
- upgrade the radiator (haven't looked into this much yet)
- do an oil cooler (can come with the AXT kit)
- Exedy safari clutch
- if I can use the 3" exhaust I have at the moment I will, if not get one made up and dump out behind the cab (pretty sure that's the legal requirement?)
- do the diff gearing to take 33" back to standard
- slotted brake rotors and better pads and new wheel studs and bearings
and get a tune for the whole setup once I am done (AXT can do a piggyback ECU for tuning apparently).
I understand this is going to be a pricey build and is going to take time! I have another car to drive while my Lux is off the road and as long as I'm gone by next dry season I'm happy to take my time. If anyone has had experiences with these choices, good and bad, or can see issues i have missed or better options, input is very welcome!!
cheers in advance.
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Re: AXT Turbo 1KZ build

Unread post by Hughshilux » November 21st, 2018, 6:47 pm

Hey Mate! some time since this was posted, how did you get on? what Modifications did you end up doing?

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