Morton Island trip guys

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Morton Island trip guys

Unread post by oldhenry » October 6th, 2014, 6:50 pm

Hey guys. My wife and I are taking our toddler for her first big trip away and are heading from Newcastle to Coffs then onto Morton Island for a few days. We haven't been before so in wondering what your thoughts are on driving this place. We have done Fraser before without any dramas and spend all our summer either on Stockton beach or Blacksmiths so im plenty confident on sand driving and know my car and how to set it up but i just dont know much about morton at all. We will be staying up the northern end but would love to know some hotspots and any tips about the driving conditions and things to look out for. Thanks guys I will put some pics up after we come of the island.

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Re: Morton Island trip guys

Unread post by TroopiePete » October 6th, 2014, 7:45 pm


If you have done Fraser and other sand driving you should not have an issue.
I have only been there once and while I had fun it's not Fraser!
You can easily see the entire island in one day and drive all of the tracks without trying too hard or long..
Fishing is possibly best on the north eastern beaches near the camp grounds and the surf is much kinder, only thing about driving is some of the western beach near the barge had quite a slope and my troopy kept sliding towards the water so think about roof loading and keep the weight down.

Have a fantastic time and make sure you take fishing gear even if you are not too experienced like me :-)

Oh things to see.. The Blue Lake is popular and maybe a must see but it's actually yellow so not sure why they call it blue :lol:
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Re: Morton Island trip guys

Unread post by foxmcscrooge » October 4th, 2017, 10:11 am

I've gone to Moreton many times. Beautiful place. Yellowpatch is a nice camping spot at the northern end with nice sunset views over the Glasshouse Mountains. If you like snorkelling, the Tangalooma Wrecks are great. Kooringal at the southern end has a really nice Oyster Bar. Tangalooma has a shop where you can get supplies if you run out of anything; at a price. Tangaloooma has a dolphin experience where wild dolphins come in every night much like Monkey Mia in WA. It's cool to check out the big sand dunes. If you take an old box fin surf board with the fin removed and rub the bottom with candle wax it will go like a rocket down the dunes (way quicker than any of the tour sleds). If you are into fishing your success will depend on your bait. I use either live beach worms or yabbies. Yabbies can be found the estuary at Yellowpatch (although there is a no take zone there you need to be careful of) and at the south west end of the island around Kooringal / Days Gutter. I've had the best success with live beach worms at the southern end of the island in beach gutters and around the bar. At night I use tailer or mullet fillets or large unpeeled green prawns for mulloway.

About the only thing you need to be careful of are the tides. Parts of the beaches are impassable at high tide and if you get stuck the tide can claim your car. The western beach can be soft and there can be weed banks on the western beach which can trap you. Once again a lot of the western beach is impassable at high tide.

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Re: Morton Island trip guys

Unread post by buffer » October 28th, 2017, 10:46 pm

Just love the place one of our favourites, have been going for years. Just watch the weather as it effects the sand as you would be aware (soft when dry etc). As for things to do it is completely up to you and time taken to explore.
Things to see:
Northern end, Honeymoon bay, Light house, great fishing and camping.
Blue Lagoon
Town ship of Bulwar, they have a great little shop for supplies and good cooked food.
Rouse Battery
Kooringal, this is where you will find the gutter bar and directions to the oyster farm.
The desert, Sand tobogganing.
Tangalooma resort but unless you stay there it is for day visits only.

Have a great holiday mate as we do everytime.
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