fishing blacksmiths beach

Where are they biting? How big was the one you caught?
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fishing blacksmiths beach

Unread post by RODEODAVE » April 30th, 2013, 4:05 pm

just thought i throw the question out there is it worth while putting an overnighter on this beach, if so other than saying find a gutter are there any spots that perform better than others north end south end ??? is there any spots to set up a camp out of any wind that may pick up are fires allowed on the beach thanks in advance Dave...

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Re: fishing blacksmiths beach

Unread post by ezzy » May 3rd, 2013, 8:51 am

camping isn't allowed on the beach, although plenty of people do and don't get nicked. I'm yet to see anyone enforcing the no camping rules either, if you get my drift :cool:
As far as fishing is involved, the southern end of the beach doesn't have a lot of structure or shape at the moment. Its all pretty plain and featureless, with only small changes in contour. You'd probably be better off driving further north. I find that the northern end of the beach usually cops more swell and therefore the features are more distinguished. I find that the southern end of the beach is a bit slow fishing wise right now, because its just a long deep featureless stretch of sand.
There are a few tailor around as well as the usual salmon, although the scumbos aren't thick at the moment. Tides don't have ideal timing this week, but better next week.
I fished the other night on the full moon (I don't like fishing the full moon for most fish, but I had the inlaws visiting and they wanted to go fishing) and it was very quiet. Got a couple of average tailor. It was also very calm, which doesn't help.

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