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Re: Show us your Challenger

Unread post by Scootymad » September 17th, 2018, 6:16 pm

Where's all the PA/PA2 diesels at?

This is our dirty old sack.

2000 PA2 Challenger, green on gold
Stock wheels with 31x10.5 Catchfors Lanvigator A/Ts. Yeah I've never heard of them either but admittedly they aren't half bad.
Mods: bugger all aside from some Ford Mondeo horns scavenged out of my junk pile, a 240v inverter and a red top Optima.
Suspension: stock as a rock flogged out gear
Drivetrain: 4M40T with a horrendously worn out diesel pump (front seal is wallered right out and leaks down over 2-3 hours, and it is really not east to start from cold), transmission is equally wallered out, if not worse, flares into 3rd and 4th, lockup converter is nonexistent, can feel it slip under load, I have roasted it (the trans) twice dragging a horse float up the Brynderwyns, but still it keeps on going against all odds and my lack of mechanical sympathy. Amazingly however, it doesn't suffer from (well, all that much) from the typical PA series dicky front diff vacuum solenoid. Engages 4H and 4L just fine, and the LSD actually works! So there is hope that it might just off road alright....

Future mods: replace the diesel pump and injectors, replace the trans (its proper shagged), new turbo (probably a TD04, I have seen a TD05 fitted to one and it was a bit of a beast, although I do have a pair of VR4 Legnum TD03s sitting here for a compound turbo setup) ARB front bar and winch, light bar for the missus, fix the spare tyre carrier, find a leather interior, fix the remaining rust and GIVE IT A BLEEDIN' REPAINT, cause there's bugger all paint left on it

Dunno what's going on but I can't seem to upload photos at this point

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