Will this Hilux 3L 4x4 camper handle beach and sand track driving?

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Will this Hilux 3L 4x4 camper handle beach and sand track driving?

Unread post by danzae » July 31st, 2018, 11:12 am

Hi All,

Looking for some opinions.

I will be traveling for 12+ months so would like a vehicle that has good living space. But I want to be able to get off track to some more secluded beaches etc.

Do posters think this type of Hilux/camper is up to the job?

Any advice would be very helpful.

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V Williamson
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Re: Will this Hilux 3L 4x4 camper handle beach and sand track driving?

Unread post by V Williamson » July 31st, 2018, 7:57 pm

Couldn't see why not if you follow usual sand driving practices such as dropping tyre pressures and not being too aggressive with the throttle. Take the driving easy and be careful about how much you load up and I can't see in principle why it wouldn't do what you want.

Peter Aawen
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Re: Will this Hilux 3L 4x4 camper handle beach and sand track driving?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » August 3rd, 2018, 1:03 am

If you are going to be doing a majority of beach & sand driving, remember that the vehicle's total weight will be working against you, especially in the soft sandy stuff.... so keep your gear light & to the minimum! And it could also be worthwhile making sure your vehicle has one piece safety rims (not split rims, so you can drop their pressure without too much risk!!) that are 6" or 7" wide at most and that you run 70 or higher profile tyres - just don't go too much larger than OE Spec or you'll ruin the gearing & make things harder!!

A slightly wider high profile tyre with a rolling diameter close to or maybe just a little larger than OE Spec will have the ability to give you much better flotation and will help to lengthen the footprint as you reduce pressure (you really want the footprint length to increase, not the width, as you drop tyre pressures) and the higher profile tyres will mean you've got the ability to lengthen that footprint a whole lot in a way low profile tyres just can't match!! But do be careful, going more than 'just a little wider' &' just a bit taller' will significantly increase the rolling resistance of the tyre, especially as you drop the pressure, making it a whole lot harder to drive (& to push along the little hill of sand that builds up in front of the tread) while the gearing increase makes it harder for the engine to turn the wheel at all!! So maybe going no more than 1" wider & taller at the max might help you keep on top of the soft stuff & still moving, but much more than that, &/or especially in a lower profile than 70 or 75, will see you struggling to get thru stuff that your vehicle should manage easily!
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