Patrol Automatic in a Troopy - has it been done?

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Patrol Automatic in a Troopy - has it been done?

Unread post by TroopiePete » July 25th, 2018, 2:01 am

I know why would I even think of it ..
Well If you know me then maybe you would not ask..
So has it been done - can it be done without too much modification?

Ok I am looking at what would be involved to slip an Automatic Transmission from a GU Patrol into my 2005 HDJ78 with the 1HD-FTE Motor..
Yes I could go the Toyota path as the 100 series came out with that motor and well that would be my preferred option but short of finding a wreck the 14K Plus is putting a stop to that.
Lets Face it Patrols are good strong 4WD's but mostly due to the motors are quite cheap on the 2nd hand market and parts are even cheaper when compared to a Toyota..

So am I totally crazy .. mm best not answer that BUT is it possible and has anyone done it?
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