To keep or not

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To keep or not

Unread post by youngy83 » May 29th, 2018, 9:03 pm

I have owned a 105 non turbo landcruiser for the past 10 years and it has now got 345000kms on the clock. While this isn’t heaps, I feel like it is at the point where things are starting to need replacing and the costs are adding up. I’ve recently had my rear main seal done as well as clutch and I recall people saying that at this mileage is when the gearbox and fuel pumps start to go. Both expensive repairs! Thing is, although it’s slow, I really like my car. It’s basic and simple, I can service it myself and it is great Offroad.
So the question I have is should I get rid of it now while I can get 10-15k for it or am I worrying too much. I just don’t want to be forking out 4-5 thousand a year in repairs! I’ve included a few photos of it too. Thanks for any input, much appreciated!
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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by Peter Aawen » May 30th, 2018, 8:40 pm

If you've been keeping the vehicle serviced & maintained properly, it's pretty much just run in!! So why sell it now if it's doing all the things you need it to do?! :boggle:

Sure, gearboxes & fuel pumps might be beginning to go on those vehicles that haven't been particularly well cared for &/or driven with 'mechanical sympathy', and even on the best of 'well cared for' vehicles some of the 'wear items' might begin to need some attention from about 200K on, but Milo isn't the only vehicle out there that's managed to hit a high score of kms somewhere past a number followed by 5 Zero's - some even hit BIG numbers with 5 following Zero's, so what are you worried about?!? Bear in mind that many brand new vehicles have inherent issues & teething problems you'll need to be careful about, and even if you buy a previously owned vehicle that should have all the bugs ironed out, you could well be buying someone else's problem!! Wanna risk the unknown issues on a new model or potential problems on a lower milage 'used vehicle' instead of sticking with your 'just run in vehicle' where you already know all the niggles etc plus you know its service history & how its been treated?!? :ooh:

Yeah, if you don't want to keep a vehicle once you hafta start changing the oil or replacing brake pads etc, then you should upgrade.... but seriously, most of the metal bits in a modern vehicle are still up for lasting decades &/or millions of kms IF you maintain them properly & drive them with that previously mentioned mechanical sympathy, while things like seals & bearings & clutches (& Toyota LSD's) WILL wear & need replacing or maintenance every now & then on ANY vehicle!! So don't stress about the normal wear & age related things, instead, think about how much it's likely going to cost you to fit out a brand new vehicle (or even a 'new to you' vehicle) to suit what you want it to do, and bear in mind that as the electronic bells & whistles increase on any vehicle, the likelihood that you'll be able to fix it out in the bush with some fencing wire & a pair of pliers & a BFH will decrease exponentially!! Maybe they will be a bit more reliable if you never push them to extremes, but you DO want to go 4Wheeling, don't you?!? :rolleyes:

Do the sums for yourself if you must, but I'd guess that giving your current vehicle a good going over & bringing all its wear items back to 'as new' condition will still be cheaper than the hit you'll take on buying a new vehicle & copping the instant 'left the show-room' depreciation plus all the costs of upgrading it with new bull bars & rock sliders, belly plates, better fuel filters & water traps (pretty much essential on modern engines expecting to go remote!) & fitting up all the 4WD capable suspension components, lights, LR Tanks, radios etc..... And I'd further guess that you could do a HELLUVA LOT of 4Wheel touring, camping, fishing, off roading etc for the dollars you'll save by NOT upgrading & just refurbishing instead!! ;)

Over to you!
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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by cbd » May 30th, 2018, 9:13 pm

Never owned a new vehicle, always looked at a well maintained secound hand one.
So it's had to have this, that and the other thing redone.
Great as the buyer. It's already been done! Thank you old owner!
You may think of it as an expense. Me, happy that's done. Leaves me less to replace or renew.
It's all in how you view it... but still, I recon it never changes. Mechanical is always cheaper than panel and rust!

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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by youngy83 » May 31st, 2018, 8:33 pm

Thanks heaps for the replies fellas I really appreciate it! Think I’ll hang onto it, it has served me well!

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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by BigDutchy » May 31st, 2018, 8:48 pm

Yes, mate hang on to the old bus.
And you know, my mates mates uncle had a friend who's Lc did close to 750.000km on the original box!!
That friend is a good friend of us. He really looks after his car. Tows a caravan with it but doesn't abuses it.
Looks after it all the time.
It's the same as old fella's not all old blokes get new hips...some last a life time...

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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by cuzza_wa » June 1st, 2018, 1:28 pm

Grab a manual or some youtube videos and have a crack it the repairs yourself mate, you'll save a bucket load you can pour into more mods!
PLUS you can then fix it if anything goes awry when your out bush cos you would have learned it all.

I'd hate to think of how much money i would of spent at a mechanic if i opted to pay for repairs as opposed to just parts :D think id be well over the cost of my car haha

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Re: To keep or not

Unread post by janddbone » July 15th, 2018, 4:50 pm

That's one of the best things ever made, if you have looked after it so far, you would be mad to part with it!

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