Any ideas on chipping my MN Triton?

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Any ideas on chipping my MN Triton?

Unread post by rodwb57 » May 4th, 2016, 6:29 pm

I have just purchased an ex government MN2.5 Lt Triton, apart from being in the process to make it look pretty, I am thinking about get it chipped, as I have read reports that Mitsubishi detunes these. I have seen the Dchip on tv, but it doesn't look like they actually hook it up to a dyno, so I'm a bit sus on that, I had my petrol 100 series landcruiser fitted with a unichip, and that was a huge improvement, but I came across ECUTEK, has anyone heard of these, it sort of sounds like unichip, dyno tuning. The other thing that is going is that big suffocating muffler, and wack a straight through job on, and no I'm not going to put a 3 inch on there because a 2 1/2 inch is more than adequate, for the size of the turbo. Going back to chipping, does anyone out there have some ideas?

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Re: Any ideas on chipping my MN Triton?

Unread post by whatif » June 14th, 2016, 1:34 pm

Hey Rod, I put a Torquit Chip, Pedaltorq and Exhaust on my MN Triton. Yep it works!
All designed to work together. Power and torque is sensational in all types of driving and with the pedal torq you have a lot of settings to tune it on the fly. I don't run mine on aggressive setting and it still flys. As for fuel consumption, I don't know, didn't have the car long enough without it. I searched for reviews and stuff too and couldn't find much, but bit the bullet with Torqit and happy as! Good luck with it! Cheers Andy

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Re: Any ideas on chipping my MN Triton?

Unread post by Shann Low » June 16th, 2016, 1:29 pm

If i was you, I wouldn't chip it - but that's just me.

I read a lengthy post from a well credentialed diesel specialist as to why not, which made a lot of sense to me.
Re: Diesel Chips / Diesel Tuning - How Its Done
Chipit - Manufacturer
Works With ANY Diesel Engine.*|*50% More Power To Your Diesel Engine!

Type of Fuel Adjustment: Fuel Pressure Only
Boost Control: YES
Timing Control: NO
Mapping Type: 2D
Safety Backdown: Yes optional EGT backdown
Sensor Pickups: MAP Sensor and Fuel Pressure
Self Install: YES
Map Switching: In cabin switch, Laptop adjustable and from under bonnet.
This is a 2D chip only - all it does is increase the fuel pressure in the common rail injector pump - which can and likely will over time damage it!.

It has no timing input control (earth delay on injector closing).
Pressure Chip Pros:
More pressure = better atomisation of the fuel. The finer the droplets of fuel are, the easier they mix with oxygen molecules, which helps the fuel to burn more completely.

Pressure Chip Cons:
Lets say the ECU is demanding 25,000 psi and getting a feedback reading of 20,000 psi it will eventually pick up that something is wrong and put the car into limp-home mode.
Generally it detects a fuel leak, as its demanded pressure is much higher than actual pressure. This limits this type of chip to how far the factory sets its 'fail safe defaults' outside of the operating range.

It also poses a problem of putting the common rail system past its maximum safe working load.
Most systems will cope with 24,000-28,000psi constantly. It is very common for chips to have the systems working at or past their recommended limit. The risks to this are, common rail splitting/breaking, injectors splitting/leaking, or injection lines starting to leak from their joints.
Take it for what it is or isn't.

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