Triton GLR Dies manual won't go/stay in third gear - ideas?

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Triton GLR Dies manual won't go/stay in third gear - ideas?

Unread post by markjames35 » January 11th, 2016, 12:43 pm

Hi guys

I was wondering if someone could guide me to the right direction ? I have Mitsubishi Triton 09 GLR 4x4 2.5 DIESEL Dual cab and has a manual transmission. Every now and then third gear gives my trouble whenever I try to lock the gear in third it does not go in hence stays in neutral after I try to shift it from second gear. In this scenario either I have to go back on second gear or lock it in fourth gear. I changed the transmission oil to the best what is out there from Castrol but still the same.

Can you guys please guide what might be the issue since I asked couple of mechanics they advised they have to pull the whole gearbox apart to find the cause but that will cost me more than $800 in labor for them to check. :confused:

What do you guys think would the issue be and how should I approach this.

Car has barely done 99000 Kms

Please guys your input would be much appreciated.

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Re: Triton GLR Dies manual won't go/stay in third gear - ide

Unread post by Boof mk triton » January 13th, 2016, 8:28 pm

Old man had a gearbox replaced under warranty a few years ago in his previous mn (same config) for an issue with it, cant recall what it was, but being yours is out if warranty unless you got the old 5/10 warranty, i dont know what you could do. Changing the oil wont help the problem you describe, but when you did, was there any metal in it? Not just a bit of milky crap, like proper shavings/chunks? Maybe not but sounds like a selector issue (obvious i know) but its not something that would be fixable/diagnosable externally for mind. Being all the gears 1-4 (i think) are on the main cluster shaft, I cant see it being broken, but obviously there is a significant issue, but a reputable gearbox repairer may be your only option.
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