MY 2011 PB Challenger released.

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Re: MY 2011 PB Challenger released.

Unread post by GQpete » January 26th, 2012, 8:24 am

huntingdado1990 wrote:
GQpete wrote:I brushed the back door with the handle bar of my bike over the weekend and put a dent in the door. When I say I brushed it, I mean hardly touched it. Very disappointed with the strength of the panels and the paint which seems to mark and scratch very easily ands I havnt even been off road yet.
I just have to yell at mine and she bruises!
I don't mind the bush pinstripes, But I can't believe that the flimsy wild roses managed to scratch righ thru the clear coat!
It is my guess that the paint work is very thin, the couple of scratches on ours are above the windows on the bit that bends towards the roof, don't know how they got there but they are right through to the metal. I have had the Challenger just over a month now and done about 3,000 k's and other than the paint and week arse panels I am happy with it. Yet to get on a 4wd track and lift a wheel but I think it will handle that okay. It's a little annoying when you spend $50k on a new vehicle you expect better quality in regards to the panel strength. I came out of a 91 GQ that you couldn't dent if you tried but the comfort level was nothing on the Challenger.

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Re: MY 2011 PB Challenger released.

Unread post by huntingdado1990 » April 17th, 2012, 8:11 am

driven past the 30,000km mark now and my Pb is starting to show some concerns.
The turbo looks to be leaking oil. Also, she whistles at me when I step off the throttle. I'm new to turbos so I don't even know what a waste gate looks like. Maybe I'll post some photos for you guys to compare. If this turns out to be "normal' then I'm not going to be happy about that. I've read on other posts that Mitsubishi are notorious for leaking turbo chargers and that it can be an epic to get the repaired under warranty.
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Re: MY 2011 PB Challenger released.

Unread post by forby_newbie » November 22nd, 2012, 12:00 pm

hey guys

We are looking to upgrade to a PB, booked in for a test drive this weekend and we looking forward to it.

Looking at an ex demo, manual LS @ $34990 drive away inc premium paint.

These have been out for a couple of years now so just like to hear of any issues that have come up and anything that needs attention during servicing. What are your thoughts on the Mitsubishi capped price service?

This will be our 1st new car, we have a couple of other vehicles we like also but we love our old PA challenger and we hoping if we get a new PB it will be just as good.

Can i ask on avg what km you guys are getting to a tank of diesel?

We are test driving the auto, but we would like the manual when we goto purchase.

Anyway, just after some general info and thoughts be appreciated, cheers

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