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Re: RE: 94 MJ Triton Ute Sunraysia Rims

Unread post by Peter Aawen » November 4th, 2015, 3:42 pm

mj-tritoneer-94 wrote:?... I have a 94 MJ Triton Dual Cab and im wanting to put sunraysias on it, im thinking 15X7 or 15X8 and im wanting to go a 31" x 10.5 Tyre, just wondering what the best offset of rim is....
Welcome to the Forum mj-tritoneer.

There's lotsa good info posted up already; in fact, if you have a bit of a search & a read, the second post in this thread mentions an offset that might work for you - I'm pretty sure there are a few more mentions of offset later on in the thread too, altho we may have different views on what's best! ;)
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Re: Wheel Sizes???

Unread post by oldkid » July 17th, 2016, 9:22 pm

ollieschallenge wrote:Slightly off topic, I was sitting out on the veranda the other day just watching the world go by and it struck me that 7 out of 10 4wheel drives that went past, I swear I could hear them coming from half a mile away.

What is the noise like from within the car, it must be unbearable.

I have standard Nexen A/T's on mine and they seem pretty quite to me
I run Yokohama Geolander AT's and quiet as road tyres 'love them

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