Engine is stuttering below 60kph?! Any ideas why/what?

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Re: Engine is stuttering below 60kph?! Any ideas why/what?

Unread post by ollieschallenge » December 22nd, 2015, 3:42 pm

Took it to the Mitsubishi dealer today, and went for a test drive with him, thankfully the problem occurred after about a 10min drive.

His diagnosis - FAULTY SPARK PLUG LEADS - I don't bl##dy believe it.

Genuine Mitsu leads $255 - labour $435 - Total $690.

Told him thanks, but no thanks as I will go and have a chat to the mechanic who done the plug change only 200km ago and ask him why he didn't mention the possibility of faulty leads.

Spoke to the mechanic and his reply was, they looked ok to me.

So here I am $450 odd dollars out of pocket and still have the existing problem and a quote of $500 from my mechanic, to pull apart what he already had apart to replace the leads.

Me thinks I will have to print off the "how to change plugs" guide and try to do it myself, as the pension can't handle this extra bill.

Life's truly is a bitch at times :).

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